Moon landing hoax


Think about it. Today computers are 10 billion times more advanced, launching payload to orbit is 20 times cheaper and the economy is 10 times larger.  Yet we are struggling to send people to the moon. 

Look many false things are mixed with true things to mislead. Some medications are good, some medications are bad. Some policies are good, some policies are bad. Some history is correct, some history is false. Some people are good, some people are bad. Some cars are good, some cars are bad. Some wars are good, some wars are bad.

One way the Satanists try to discredit me is saying “other people say the same thing”. Do those other people get arrested for capital crimes at the age of 12? Do those other people get degrees from top 10 colleges as minors? Do those other people grow tons of wisdom hair at a young age? Do those other people get 1 in quadrillion quadrillion Z scores on 1000+ public trade calls? Do those other people lose all their friends over discussing the truth about the Holocaust and 911?

Let’s assume that 1 in 100 people say they will become a celebrity. But only 1 in million make it. Just because 99.99% don’t make it, doesn’t mean that .01% can’t make it. The fact of the matter is that there is outliers that do make it while the masses don’t.

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