Neehar Thakur the Rothschild agent


I have been imprisoned for 3 years in my life and have talked to over 100 inmates during imprisonment. There was this one character that stands out who was sent by the Rothschilds in the last 2 months of my time at Los Angeles Jail that really irritated me. His name is Neehar Thakur who robbed banks and jewelry stores with fake suicide bomb vests. He was Indian, fair skinned, long hair, long beard, 6 feet tall and muscular. He had an intimidating look. He dropped out of a decent college economics program to pursue a career in acting. I was in a mental health pod of about 30 inmates at the time. Vast majority of inmates had below average intelligence and most were homeless. I stood out as having an intelligence in the top billionth and coming from a wealthy background. I was in a mental health pod because of fabricated diagnosis by doctors.

Of the over 100 inmates I talked to Neehar was the only one to claim to be satan, have knowledge about the Rothschilds, know the Rothschilds are behind 911, know the Rothschilds control the system, know the Rothschilds are the ruling satanic bloodline, have multiple personality disorder and claim to be in touch with Illuminati members. He claimed to be particularly in touch with the Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. He claimed to be in touch with all of the Illuminati except for Gates, Zuckerberg and Trump. I accuse these three as being critical in my oppression and being the main Antichrists. He was a really unique character. One thing to note I found out through connections his inmate number to be Trump and Gates birthday along with the fact he was born on Gates half birthday. The chance of this is less than 1 in 1000.

Neehar initially introduced himself to me when seeing me pray in the day room. He asked if I was south Asian and I said yes. Initially he was nice but that alternated by week. Half the weeks he was very rude while the other half he was very nice. Some weeks he would follow me around saying I am going nowhere in life, dark, ugly, short, fat and many other things. He said God prefers being worshiped by good looking people. He said my mother should have trashed me at birth for being ugly. At the end he confronted me and threatened to beat me up if I don’t give up my beliefs on the Holocaust and Satanic bloodlines. I said no and avoided him. He threatened to have the guards put me in restraints. I then just largely stayed in my cell praying and was released a week later. He did all of this aggressive behavior only towards me and not a single other inmate.

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