One lottery jackpot a week


Out of several hundred million lottery players no one has won the lottery jackpot more than once. The chances of winning the lottery jackpot are lower than being struck by lightning. In the last 4 months alone the 40 trading calls I have made have a weighted success rate above 98% which is the equivalent of winning the lottery jackpot 8 times in a row. I will post more statistics later. My dukascopy trader contest record over 8 years is like winning the lottery jackpot 100 times in a row. These statistics prove by far that trading has very little to do with luck and a lot to do with skill. The efficient market hypothesis is total junk. I advise people who want to follow me to read my website the first 30 minutes of market opening.

I wanted to share a chart. Dow etf dailies. We had biggest down day in over a year. Closed near the lows. Yet volume is only highest in a month. Not enough stopping or climax volumes to stop a violent trend. Wide spread is to lock out retail traders. Look for dow to go to 30000 soon.

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