Performance since San Mateo arrest


On September 14 2018 I was arrested for a San Mateo case. The purpose of the arrest was to crash my spirit which stood at around trillion dollars then. It backfired on my enemies and my spirit rocketed 100,000,000,000,000%+ to over billion quadrillion dollars over the next 1230 days. As a show of force I spent 30 trillion and ordered the release of COVID. I wanted to show a chart of the most popular traded tech companies and nasdaq 100 since the San Mateo arrest. On October 20 and 22 2020 I was arrested for a Santa Clara case with the same purpose to crash my spirit. The Santa Clara case backfired even more for my enemies. As a show of force I sent 3 larger COVID waves. I also killed numerous high level satanists during the cases and cursed the rest with terminal illnesses.

The company that performed the best during each case and both cases combined was Tesla. The company that performed the worst during each case and both cases combined was Amazon. I should note Elon Musk power level is holy 7 like mine. Jeff Bezos power level is satanic 6. Larry Page and Sergey Brin are power level 4. Mark Zuckerberg is power level 5. Bill Gates power level is 4. Steve Jobs power level is 1. Tesla which has largest shareholder Elon Musk had an outlier performance compared to all the other major tech companies. Since San Mateo arrest my spirit has averaged about 2.3% a day growth. I am looking for my spirit to grow at a far faster pace in the future eventually reaching singularity/infinity around Elon Musk’s 51 birthday. Note Area 51 where the USA keeps alien technology. Also May 1 is Illuminati anniversary along with May Day.

On another note omicron variant number is 11529. 11 stands for number of letters in Jesus Christ. 529 for Bilderberg anniversary May 29. The person who filed the cases against me is related to the address 28 Washington. 28 stands for Bill Gates day of birth and Washington state of birth. Less than 1 in 5 million houses have Bill Gates day of birth as address and state of birth as street. Also her family bought the house for $529,000 and moved in 66 days before 9/11/2001. She went to Stanford biology program like Jenn Gates and birthday is 6 days away from Bill Gates. On another note her power level is 9 and she has the strongest Christ blood outside my family. She is however a traitor. The Rothschilds are grooming her to be the next Rockefeller. Anyways she is no threat to me. She is very weak because she isn’t religious.

I wanted to add something about the Christ blood traitor girl Ritika. She is born 917 days before Jenn Gates. The Norway massacre happened as a result of Bill Gates having a Norwegian partner form a corporation with me in July 2011. That corporation was used to steal billions in intellectual property from me. The massacre happened the day the corporation was formed and when I was in Switzerland. In the massacre 77 died and over 500 injured. The day of the massacre Ritika turned 9 months 17 years old and me 9 months 17 days 20 years old. Furthermore, I wanted to note Ritika is 1113 days younger than me. The Pennsylvania synagogue massacre had 11 out of 13 Jews killed. It happened near Bill Gates birthday and my first mental health court hearing. The synagogue shooter referenced Bible passages in which Jesus said Jews served the devil. He also noted Jews are behind all the wars and the Holocaust is a myth. I have similar beliefs.

I wanted to also talk about Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook shooter. The Sandy Hook shooter looks like Bill Gates and is 18 months older than Ritika. 18 is a satanic number and number of felonies I was charged with at Santa Clara. All the students that died were ages 6 and 7. Satanic number and holy number. Hurricane Sandy eye was over Sandy Hook on the day of Bill Gates birthday that year 2012. Sandy is a reference to Muslims. Another thing, when I first plead guilty to two felonies on November 5, 2003, the Sun released the most powerful solar flare in 50 years. Mind you solar flares are based on energy flows from the core of the Sun 100,000 years old. One more thing to add the day I first plead guilty Ritika turned 3666 days old. The Rothschilds know that universal events are based on me. It lends credence to Elon Musk’s theory that the universe is a simulation in a computer.

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