Releasing the coronavirus


I gave clear cut warning that the day before I was arrested on September 2018 that it would lead to the release by aliens of the largest pandemic ever. I plead guilty on February 27, 2020 under duress. I was tortured thousands of times by the people behind the 9/11 attacks. Immediately after the San Mateo guilty plea global markets started the largest crash ever along with lockdowns for covid. One thing I want to note the movie V for Vendetta was released on 3/17. My arrest on September 14 2018 was 3/17 after 9/11/2001. In the movie, V is tortured by authorities in the releasing of a virus to cause chaos. Furthermore, he blows up parliament on November 5. The only other time I had a felony guilty plea was on November 5, 2003 for Explosives and Threatening to use a WMD. The person behind the San Mateo Case, Ritika Dutta turned 3666 days old that day. That day was the largest solar flare in 50 year history. The case in San Mateo starts from evidence on January 19, 2012. That day Ritika turned 6663 days old. On another note she is 3 years 17 days younger than me.

Looking back on things. I think Sweden had the best approach to covid. The lockdowns were a stupid idea. The virus still spread to a vast majority of the population. More people died due to starvation from lost income than saved from lockdowns. People that die from starvation are 40 years premature on average. Virus deaths on average are 5 years premature.

The virus damage so far has done at least the following:

Lost life due to premature deaths: 500 million man years

Lost economic production: 1 billion man years

Losses due to disabilities from virus: 300 million man years

Lost recreation and education: 200 million+ man years

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