Responding to Ritika Dutta cases…


At the start of the Ritika Dutta cases, I promised over $100 trillion actuarial damage and over $50 billion damage per day of imprisonment. The cases were over 3 jurisdictions including Los Angeles, Santa Clara and San Mateo. They were solely over verbal offenses of saying “annoying statements”. Ritika Dutta has top billionth Christ blood, I was inviting her to eternal bliss. The authorities were tricking her to eternal blaze. I should note the Quran and Hadiths state that Satan will trick 99.9% of people to eternal blaze. The Muslims refer to the United States as Great Satan and Israel as Little Satan. The Quran and Hadiths further state that authority in end times would be in wicked hands and the righteous will be persecuted. Ritika also filed a civil case in San Mateo on 9/17/2018. One thing to note, the Norway massacre happened when she turned 9/17 and me 9/17/20. Ritika is 917 days older than Jenn Gates and went to Stanford Biology as Jenn Gates along with medical school afterwards. The Norway massacre was a sign of my enslavement, persecution and blacklisting.

Anyways, I earned 1157 prison credits from the cases through 218 days hospitalization, 380 days rehab and 415 days county jail. Anyways, let’s go over the damage done. The pandemic is where 99% of the actuarial damage was done. Corona stands for coronation of Christ. So far there has been about 30 million premature deaths resulting in an actuarial 30 trillion dollars damage. So far about 300 million people have got permanent organ damage resulting in an actuarial 30 trillion dollars damage. So far the losses from production, education and recreation amount to over 15 trillion dollars actuarial damage. We are not even 4 years into the pandemic and damages are in excess of 75 trillion actuarial. There were numerous magical things from the case including the Hurricanes Florence and Michael, Santa Cruz island fire(this indicates Shamik’s family goes to Hellfire), Synagogue shooting October 2018, 2 737 Max crashes, college admissions scam case and more.

Overall, I regard the cases a stunning success on my part. I knew they stood absolutely no chance after calculating the probabilities from the hurricanes and shootings. Everything the enemy has thrown at me over the last 12 years has backfired thoroughly. I am proud to serve Allah, Islam and the Universe. I wanted to also note the Tenerife Disaster on March 27 1977 has numbers related to my case and implied already that my enemies would go to Hellfire. The Quran and Hadiths state everything is predestined before the creation of the Universe. Despite having hundreds of trillions of dollars, the enemies lost by a far margin. The enemies were fabricating many crude, sick lies about me. The psychiatrists which served as expert witnesses in the cases fabricated that I was in the bottom thousandth of the population when I was in the top billionth. Bill Gates has hired over 10000 people to convince my family that Ritika was pushing the case and that he had no knowledge of the case. Bill Gates thought my spirit would crash from the cases when instead it rapidly accelerated to infinity.

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