Santa Clara hearing tomorrow


We are coming in on Santa Clara March 16th hearing. I will be 10,000 miles away in India and not attend the hearing. Personally I have told my mom and my attorney to snub the hearing. They want to attend the hearing because they are delusional. On another note, I believe my mom and attorney are doing a bad job representing me and they do not express my views. I have tremendous leverage and don’t want to deal with the low level pawns in Santa Clara. The low level pawns aren’t in charge. They are simply just puppets. I think it is a huge insult to humanity and Allah that the Satanists are continuing this persecution in light of the past. By the past I am referring to the extensive damage I have done to the World and what was done to me. So far in response to the Santa Clara case I have caused over $50 trillion damage to the public and over $500 trillion damage to the Satanists. Whatever the Satanists do at the hearing, it will backfire on them. If they play weak, I will exploit the weakness. If they play hardball, I play hardball and I have more leverage. For all the dozens of hearings, each and every single one of them backfired on the Satanists.

I have cursed the 10,000 most powerful people in the World with white magic and evil eyes. They are aging much faster and getting terminal illnesses. They will all be dead within a few months. My models show that very soon Allah will reveal me and the Mahdi to the World. There will be much chaos in the World as Muslims hunt and kill Jews globally. There will be a military coup in Pakistan and Israel will be nuked. I believe my family will be caught, tortured, killed and then resurrected. Then we will be global royalty. My 1000 closest relatives will be the most powerful people in the World with me leading as King. Whatever happens, it is clear my powers are going up at a rapidly accelerating pace. Allah knows the past, present and future. Nothing can frustrate the will of Allah. Let me tell you one thing, the Satanists are not thinking rationally. They are inherently far away from Allah and guided to the worst destiny. They do 1 million+ things with a 100% backfire rate then say “Satan always wins.” Allah is infinitely more powerful than Satan.

I want Gates, Biden, Newsom, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Congress, Senate and Bilderbergers to contact me directly and organize a public apology on TV. I want the central banks, governments and wealth of the Satanists. In return I am offering painless deaths and non-humiliated bodies at Judgement Day. The deadline for this offer is March 26th, Larry Page’s 49th birthday. I want the Satanists to admit the Holocaust is a myth. I want the Satanists to admit they are behind all the wars and terrorist attacks. I want the Satanists to admit that central banking hurts the economies. I wanted to note if I don’t get a public apology or appropriate behavior, I will torture and humiliate bodies. I will inject 666 pounds of fat and CRUCIFY bodies naked. They will be displayed for at least a million years. I will do this to send a message out to others that want to disrespect Islam, Humanity, the Universe, Allah or Prophets. Also I will do this as a means to flaunt power. Personally I believe the Satanists will flout this offer I have given. But I just wanted to float it so people have an idea of the circumstances.

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