Satanists continue cruise at 100% backfire rate…


The Satanists are continuing with their path of self-destruction. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. In an effort to thwart Judgement Day, they keep on confirming it. They have taken no effort for mitigation if Judgement Day comes(God and scripture guarantees it). They have made every effort to increase retribution against their them and their posse. The current Hurricane Laura hitting the United States Gulf Coast area is very interesting. It is the first major hurricane this year to make landfall on the United States. Initially it was projected to make landfall at Category 1. It is now making landfall at Category 4. The eye is making landfall on Texas and Louisiana border. Those were the initial states the Satanists sent Ronit too. Also it is making landfall on the 6 month anniversary of me pleading guilty and probation sentencing for the San Mateo case. Anyways to be honest it isn’t that big of a deal when considering that the Coronavirus is doing tens of thousands of times long-term economic damage than this hurricane. On another note, Jenn and Pheobe Gates were brought to my house on July 20, 2016 by an attorney from Eugene, Oregon named Laura Montgomery. On another note, Montgomery is the name of the community college Lynn Le initially went to in Maryland. Anyways, Jenn claimed to be Hannah Montgomery and Phoebe claimed to be Olivia Montgomery. 

The Satanists are truly idiots. I’ll admit I was at one point a staunch atheist. I now am strongly religious. But what’s sickening to the core is the Satanists believe in God but HATE God with as much as passion. They know that God is infinitely more powerful than Satan, controls Satan and limits Satans powers. They think they can change the destiny set by God, which is an important law of the Universe, despite that scripture and my astrology models show that everything is pre-determined before someone is born. Every action, thought, perception and more for a person is determined before the Universe is made. You know, the Satanists plans is that I would join them after being treated absolute trash. That would allow them to control the World forever and have a ticket to Paradise. God and his angels(aliens) will enforce the rule of my bloodline forever. They have put everyone else above me. All of their agents involved in this operation have been paid and given favors. Some in very crude amounts, others very handsomely. But the Satanists try their best to steal as much as possible for me along with many other forms of harassment. They know I won’t join them for any amount of money and/or “favors”. So they’re trying to force me to join them by degrading me as much as possible. 

I’ve made it clear I don’t like harassment, stealing, mocking, insulting, torture, black magic and many things. They keep accelerating to new all-time highs against me. It’s not just what I have had to go through but what humanity has gone through due to the Satanists. I am the most protected human ever and I have gone through a lot of adverse events. I believe recent major events such as Hurricane Laura and Beirut blast are indicating an imminent detention. For one thing, there is a geometric increase in damage for each detainment based on how much my free-will is violated and how strong my spirit is. Now based on the previous history over the last 8 years, a new detainment will produce damage well in excess of the total actuarial loss of the whole Human population. Let me point this out, on my last detainment God made innocent people suffer billions of times more than me to make a point. The Satanists are going to suffer magnitudes more than those innocent people. The Satanists involved will suffer trillions to possibly infinity more if Hell-fire is truly eternal abode. The scripture states that those who steal, invent lies against God, invent lies against Prophets, worship Satan. Anyways, the continued transgressions of the wicked will just make teaching “respect” more fun along with eternal damnation to Hell-fire.

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