Satanists continuing with 100% backfire rate…


They thought they can win based on deceit and cowardice. Over the last 9 years the Satanists have been very venturesome in fighting me. They thought they can make me hate God, hate religion, hate humanity, love Satan, love the Devil, love the Anti-Christ’s, love Israel, love America and hate Iran. Instead, every one of those elements went the other direction continuously over the period. They thought they can convince me I am worthless and schizophrenic. I have a higher self-esteem than ever and know I am more rational than practically all the population. They thought they can convince me aliens are bad or don’t exist. For one thing I’ve had a metal device in my brain that I have felt since a childhood alien abduction. Beyond that, I used to get rarely abducted, now I get abducted dozens of times a week. They thought they can lower my spirit strength and possess me with Satan. Instead, my spirit has shot up well beyond 300,000% and I have strong God possession.

The government has taken many of my rights and in the view of the law I am in the bottom of the population. I’m not even allowed to leave the county or sign a contract under my own accord. The court system has deemed me “gravely disabled” based on fabrications by dozens of doctors. I’ve been IQ tested in the 99.99th+ range, got a hard sciences bachelors from high-ranking global university at the age of 17, scored higher on the MCATs than a majority of Harvard Medical School doctors despite taking the test at an age 7 years younger than them. and have an audited track record on the currency markets in the 99.995th+ percentile. However, I am not allowed to show any evidence in my favor because of the corrupt legal system. There are many fabricated things being used against me for years. My health records are full of hundreds of pages of fabricated junk as if its the 9/11 Commission Report.

Every step of the way the Satanists lost but they keep at it. I am 29 yet not a high-ranking Forbes billionaire, hundreds of billions in ideas and intellectual property have been stolen from me, not in a a relationship and don’t have kids. But I think I live the luckiest life ever. I don’t focus much on the past or present. Past and present are very limited in scope. I focus on the future and eternity. I made the correct step every way. The Satanists point out junk like I am the “family disappointment” because up until now my 3 year older sister appears to society as “more successful” and has no trouble with the “authorities”. Anyways, my family does not recognize me as “disappointment” and even if they did that just means they would be up for a far more positive surprise at Judgement Day. The Satanists have shown time upon time that they can’t see the future. They act like they can cause they hide like fucking cowards, use anonymous names, fabricate things and have excessive control over “evidence”.

The Satanists have so far been “very lucky” that Judgement Day has not triggered. For one thing, I am still at an age younger than 99%+ of prophethoods start. They got a pass on the recent 600 day detainment. However, it has rapidly sped up the road to Judgement Day by shooting my spirit growth through the roof. I’ve also shown the power of God by calling in the release of Coronavirus. I keep thinking about how they employed all these low level pawns against me. They think some fucking $2 badge issued by Great Satan(the USA government) can beat God. In detainment when the a half dozen doctors couldn’t convince me I am mentally ill, the Satanists started getting “lower level” people in detainment to try to convince me I am mentally ill. The “lower level” people would pose as “friends” and then after sometime try to convince me I am schizophrenic. It was very obvious what was going on. The Satanists paid for their own demise. Not only with they suffer more at Judgement Day and in the after-life, but sooner and with more certainty. 

Authority is clearly in wrong hands as Muhammad said would be just before Judgement Day. I get tortured, humiliated and imprisoned in September 2012. It’s been fabricated to be a “seizure, psychological breakdown, mental breakdown” by the “authorities” and used against me for 8 years. I reported to federal, state, county and city “authorities” about someone(Charles Rothschild) within the country involved in the following: bribery, obstruction of justice, terrorism, treason, espionage, false imprisonment, insider trading, securities fraud, murder, extortion and crimes against humanity. The authorities got mad at me threatening me with detainment cause he is much richer than Jeff Bezos. Yet, if we drive a “safe speed” we can risk getting ticketed, license suspended and/or jailed. The Satanists make trillions off insider trading and fabricated news every year. Yet they go after people who make as small as a few hundred thousand for such activities.

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