Satanists cruising on 100% backfire rate…


I clearly pointed out if the Satanists continue with the black magic and medication… there will be consequences. By “consequences”, I mean torture and humiliation of bodies of high level Satanists. I keep debating to myself the ethics of doing such an activity. The first thought is I don’t want to do something I would it regret later. Beyond that, I don’t like seeing people suffer or blood. But also, I don’t want do to something that would make me look “very evil”. To be honest, I casually call it treating people with “respect”. The words torture and humiliation sound a bit too severe. Innumerable times the Satanists have crossed every Line in Sand I set for them. Look, there is a chance I may be super happy after Judgement Day and decide to show some mercy. By the way, whether I torture them in the physical realm won’t matter much for them, they would still suffer vastly more in Hell.

Another thing, maybe eternal torment and suffering in Hell-fire is way too vast of a punishment. I keep thinking such suffering shouldn’t be eternal for anyone(even Rothschild and Gates). But lets face it, if these sucker Satanists had the option they would deceive, cheat, harm the innocent forever to the maximum point they can. They keep ramping up black magic when I told them straight up fuck off. My parents continuously get angry from the black magic and argue a lot with me and themselves. My family is still very susceptible to black magic even though I’m mostly unaffected by the black magic at this point. Voodoo doll pains are practically gone… Still getting bad dreams occasionally from Rothschild’s witchcraft. Usually my dreams involve people trying to kill me. If the coronavirus progresses for another year, 50M+ people will die and at least $150T in productivity damage will be done. If there is a vaccine made, less than 5% of the people will be vaccinated in time. I’m planning things 1,000 times bigger than coronavirus…

You know, it’s interesting seeing the recent activity going down. I believe Bill Gates is a little pissed all of his speech events have been canceled to the virus. His speech events are where he is really deceiving. He acts totally innocent and gets people to worship his Satanic spirit. I keep thinking how worthless him and his posse’s live are. I screwed up the plans for the most powerful people over the last 200 years. They thought they can convince me I am a John Nash and it flat our backfired on them. By the way, Facebook didn’t like my mocking of Satanists in front of the World and banned me for 30 days under the claim that my of quoting Hitler is against their policy. The quote for Hitler particularly applies to the Holocaust, 9/11 and the operation to make me look like John Nash. People are more likely to be deceived by a big lie than a small lie because they think it would be impossible for such a big conspiracy to take place.

On another note, I was talking to Bill Gates the other day and knew it was him. He was talking through the identity of a girl that allegedly went to Harvard and Oxford. I knew it was him cause I could sense the super strong Satanic spirit, it was totally disorienting me. Anyways, I acted like I didn’t recognize him. One thing I also find interesting, most of their profiles are allegedly years old due to the fact that they can backdate Facebook posts, status messages, images and tags. When they notice I start taking screenshots of their profiles(they can see what I do on my Mac and any computer for that matter) they quickly remove the conversations within a few seconds. Their profiles disappear as “Facebook User” instantly at that time too. By the way, I suspect that some of the people talking to me are also other high-level Satanists who try to cast black magic on me.

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