Satanists fooling around with internet


Okay, so they are trying to intimidate me. They are threatening to have the Indian authorities tax audit me. They have decided to sabotage my internet connection. I am now on going to post a lot less. I am going to insist that judgement day takes place by end of may 2024. Before that time bill gates family will be killed and Muslims will hunt down jews globally. At judgement day 99.9 percent of humans will be sent to hellfire for infinite torment and suffering. I am advising people to read the quran and pray. Anyways things are going perfect. Nothing can stop me and I am feeling invincible. I feel so lucky to be me. There will be a major solar flare soon disabling all electronics globally. Look up carrington event.

Netflix longs look good. Selling climax, shake out, professional buying, retail selling.

Jnj shorts look good. Buying climax, upthrust, retail buying, professional selling.

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