Satan’s last stance


My enemies face eternal torment and suffering along with humiliated bodies. Me, my family and my allies face eternal youth in paradise along with singularity. It’s funny how 99% of the people involved in the situation are choosing the losing side. I have continuously pointed out that my enemies’ number one source of power in regards to me is cowardice. They’re operating guerrilla warfare against a one man army. Anyways, I’m forward looking as how markets are. People think that just because my enemies have gotten away with much evil, trickery and deceit that they are bound to win… Their track record regarding me however is completely the opposite. Their goal was to make me give up my belief in God and by God did it backfire. Judgement Day is soon… Very massive positive surprise for some, neutral for some, very negative shock for some. Let me make this clear, God’s rewards/punishments are infinitely beyond what Satan’s rewards/punishments can be. Judgement Day will catch everyone by surprise, even Christ and God’s angels. No one knows the hour except for God. All scripture says God prevails over Satan. Anyways, it appears the navy fire in San Diego is over and the US government will have to spend $4B+ to replace the lost ship. Satanists are still ramping up black magic to record highs.

It’s one thing for a system to be corrupt and it is regarded as such. It’s far worse for a system to be corrupt and and it is regarded as fair. The United States shows itself to the World as an ideal society when it is the most corrupt in the World. On every currency we have “In God We Trust” when this country is Great Satan. Our people are most religious among developed countries but the reason the system is kept this way is for Christian Zionism. What kind of idiots choose a deity infinitesimal of the supreme master/creator of the Universe. God is infinitely more powerful than Satan. The scriptures say Satan is the source of sickness, death and poverty. God is the source of eternal life. By idiots, I’m referring to pretty much 99% of the 10,000 most “powerful” people in the World along with most of the World. The majority seem to worship money instead of God. There is not a single verse of scripture that says Satan wins or is more powerful than God. In contrary, there is tons of scripture that says Satan loses and is far less than God.

I made a Facebook post.. “I don’t see why I should be scared of people that I can harm infinitely more.” My mom got pissed at me for saying such a statement. I hate this fucking probation and conservatorship. I get treated like I have zero rights and anything I say has zero credibility. Evidence in the system can only be against me, not for me. My parents keep insisting I take my website down. In the recent case, the Police and FBI said back in Fall 2018 they were “reading” my website. This was in an effort to intimidate me to take down my website. But of the 360 pages of “evidence” they produced in the case, not a single page referred to my website. The reason being my website is a source of massive incrimination for the government and powerful organizations/people. I keep getting complaints for saying the “same thing” over and over again. I’m just simply saying the truth and promoting justice. While my enemies say falsehood over and over again and there are zero complaints about them. It’s not just regarding my case but larger scope things like 9/11 and the Holocaust. The fact of the matter is that my free will is severely restricted from justice-seeking, my enemy’s isn’t(for now).

On another note Facebook has been a bit intimidating lately…

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