Statistical certainty of victory


The day I was arrested for San Mateo case Hurricane Florence made landfall. The only person I knew with the name Florence was also the only I knew to have worked for San Mateo DA office. The chance of this is one in a trillion. The San Mateo DAs behaved improperly. They were playing hardball on low level frivolous offenses. They were ordering I be held indefinitely despite posting bond. Then in October 2018 the Los Angeles county psychiatrists Michael Makhinson and Michael Sussinian fabricated that I was gravely disabled and placed me in a conservatorship. Within a day Hurricane Michael formed and became the strongest hurricane to hit USA in over 20 years. This is a 1 in hundred million chances. Taking these 2 hurricanes together imply a one in 100 quintillion chance natural disasters are based on me. These 2 events imply with a 99.999999999999999999% chance that I kill the DAs and psychiatrists involved in the case.

To put it into perspective that is a thousandth the chance of winning the lottery jackpot twice in a row. No one has won the lottery jackpot twice in a row despite over 100 billion plays. There are dozens of other similar events showing the universe is based on me. Using the law of large numbers, effort vs result and independent statistics, I come to the conclusion that my victory is statistically certain. Everything the enemy throws at me keeps backfiring instantly. They have been at it over a dozen years since the Norway massacre. The Quran states that nothing can beat me. I look for extremely large numbers in my calculations but the satanists keep claiming it is mere coincidence. The enemy keeps thinking that they can go to Paradise and avoid Hellfire by being as wicked as possible. Countless times I have seen them disparage and mock the righteous, oppressed, religious, Quran and Allah.

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