The “authorities” in Great Satan(USA)


I find it funny when people are scared of “government agents” as if the government is all-powerful. They say “federal agent” as if that person is indestructible and above God. Let me get this straight, the United States government is Great Satan. I am the most important agent of God on this planet. God is infinitely more than Satan. I don’t give a fuck about the “authority” of the federal, state, county and city governments. I don’t give a fuck if a person is FBI, NSA, CIA, police, sheriff, district attorney, US attorney, federal judge, district judge and many more “authority” titles. Some of them I suppose came into their profession in the government thinking they can do good for society. However, many are also corrupt. I like to think of the hierarchy of things. The “authorities” are scared of the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds are scared of me. The government agents think they can invent lies against Allah and succeed. For one thing, the Quran states that those who invent a lie against Allah are not only committing a great sin but will also not succeed. 

The person who has the most rights in the United States is behind the biggest crimes in the United States. I’m referring to the Devil(Charles Rothschild). Not a single person will question his authority or try to charge him. The Iranians like Khameni and Ahmadinejad even know about his existence but won’t mention his name and/or family for fear of further currency crash and/or sanctions. Instead they use terms like “Zionist bankers” and “Zionist clan”. I don’t negotiate with terrorists by any means. Especially Satanists and Great Satan. The Quran states that Allah won’t even accept the weight of Earth in Gold($3.6*10^30) for a miscreant to avoid Hell-fire. That’s over quadrillion times the “wealth” produced over the history of mankind. The Iranians particularly like to refer to Satanists, Zionists and USA government as terrorists. By far and large, I consider myself the #1 authority on this planet. Soon I’ll be able to harm anyone else infinitely more than they can harm me. They won’t even be able to harm me.  

You guys might ask, why don’t the Satanists just kill me? They can’t kill me. When I was first detained by the Devil on May 17, 2012 they attempted to kill me. While I was sleeping a nurse tried to put a cyanide pill down my mouth but I suddenly woke up out of my sleep shouting “NO!!!!!”. I realized from that moment that I was under God’s protection and that Satanists couldn’t kill me. By the way, they used this against me as evidence that I was aggressive. Later events such as the Seattle shooting on May 30, 2012 and Wisconsin shooting on August 5, 2012 confirmed that me and my family were under the protection of God as long we resist the Devil. If they also came to the point where they can kill me, I would resurrect and Judgement Day would immediately happen. I’ve had visions of bullets and knives deflecting away from me. Also, because of my continued persecution(particularly the recent San Mateo case), I have to punish Satanists not only for what they have done to me but others. I would feel bad about losing to my enemies .1% of the time. But they’re losing to me 100% of the time… I wonder how they feel…

Facebook has been a little bit mocking/intimidating as of late.

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