The Devil left everyone hanging…


It’s ridiculous that the leadership of major companies/organizations involved in the operation against me are left hanging by the Devil. Their brand/company/organization/family’s image will be stained forever. Them and their families will be open to much threat from not just Me and God(and his angels) but the civilian population will hunt them down after Judgement Day. The operation stop Christ Prophethood has been a slow moving disaster the whole way. Everything they have been throwing over 8-9 years backfiring, their anxiety growing. After the uprising of Muslims in September 2012, they had the nerve to continue this shit for 8 more years. The Devil has taken 9 years away from me. If I worship him, he will taken even more years away from me. Not just has he affected negatively me, but also my family. If I worship the Lord, he will give me innumerable years in youth…. No brainer…. On another note, Rothschild is now using the name C. David de Rothschild on Linkedin.

One thing that’s interesting about this Coronavirus is that it’s also a slow moving disaster. It isn’t like a Carrington event(solar flare), Tunguska event(asteroid explosion in atmosphere) or hurricane where the damage is is done very quickly. Rather people are forced to see the virus exponentially grow in fatalities and deaths over many months as it reaches more and more of the global populace. For the last 5 months a good part of the World has been left in fear and anxiety. Anyways this is the new “psychological warfare” Team God is waging. The Satanists keep having this delusion that God will have not act on “major events” in the operation against me. But God always acts on such “major events” turning the table around in my favor. The Satanists pricing in inaction results to more psychological damage when God steps in. They still have not completely with reality that Judgement Day will take place and nothing can stop it.

The Satanists clearly saw what was done to Rothschild’s dogs back in Summer 2012, followed by many many other events. It’s clear to say, God will always show signs. Can’t they draw a connection that when God curses Zuckerberg with 3 miscarriages or Rothschild’s 2 dogs or Sandberg’s husband death, that God doesn’t like what’s going on. The problem is, is that so far Satanists are seeing outsiders are being hurt far more(for now). This is giving them a sign of relative immunity. However, it’s an indication that at Judgement Day the Satanists will experience retribution magnitudes beyond what outsiders have to go through. The masters will get a huge portion of the punish but also the “pawns” within the authorities. I would say “authorities” persecuting me will end up like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg… On another note, the Satanists are still using black magic on my family. Particularly my dad to make him waste of bunch of dad and be irritable.

One thing I should note, astrologers are usually a fraud. The Bible and Quran clearly says that fortune telling is a major crime due to the fact the person is falsely portraying to be God/Prophet. The exception is if the fortune telling is done by a Prophet. The richest families in the World have been using astrologers to “predict” the future in regards to operations against me and for guidance. Every step of the way it flat out failed, their visions of the future appear to be clouded. One thing I wanted to add, my website is mainly to attract Christian and Islamic radicals. It’s not intended for the mainstream. Only people with strong spirits can see what I am. Like an example, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has been fashioning their $2 badges all day…What fucking good is a $2 badge going to do in stopping 200,000 year plans of civilization’s googol+ times more advanced? IS THIS SOME FUCKING JOKE? 100,000+ things, 100% backfire rate and my enemies insist they always win? Hide behind anonymous names, coward pawns, false authority, backing off, fabricating things… LOL… The Satanists are running the JOKE of humanity….

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