The enemy is getting dumber at an accelerating pace…


Everything the enemy does, they think at the moment it will work. That is why they do it. But every single thing they have thrown at me over the last 12 years has thoroughly backfired. This is out of millions of things. Since the Norway massacre, the enemies have been doing everything possible to force me to give up my religious views. They love to lie big at every opportunity they get. On Facebook they keep mocking me with big lies, front money scams and acting dumb. I wanted to note, is that if my religious beliefs were correct, they would be highly motivated to discourage them. If my religious beliefs were incorrect, they would have no motivation to discredit them. The enemies have everything to lose if my religious views are correct. They have nothing to lose if my religious views are incorrect. They keep implying there is no afterlife. In contrast the Quran states that the afterlife is infinite of Worldly life and eternal.

Right now my statistical models prove to 10^50+ odds that major events are based on me(solar flares, pandemics, hurricanes, shootings, plane crashes). Furthermore my statistical models prove to 10^500+ odds that the Universe is showing signs(such as looking at the clock when it turns 11:11). The Quran states that there will not be an atom of injustice at Judgement Day. That means 10^39+ odds that there is no chance the enemy can win. The problem is people don’t understand or comprehend large numbers. Anyways I wanted to post some snippets from my Facebook. One thing to note, Allah is infinite of Satan. The Bible and Quran says that no enemy can beat me and that my victory is guaranteed.

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