The issue with Bill Gates


The issue is that Bill Gates initially stole billions from me and threatened to torture and kill me and used black magic on my family. Then called me a lazy rapist urine fool monkey mentally ill for refusing to take his daughters virginity. He put everybody else above me because I was strong minded, righteous, ambitious, hard working, intelligent, brave. He continued this behavior for ten more years and kept on inventing sicker lies. In total I have been imprisoned for 3 years, I have had voodoo dolls and black magic used on my family at least 10 million times(according to the Bible and Quran each instance is death penalty), my opportunity loss is above $1 trillion. He thoroughly tortured, humiliated, mocked me. He threatened my family numerous times. He acts like he is the victim and I am the perpetrator. He has utter disrespect for humanity, the universe and God. He thinks it is cool being wicked.

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