The power of prayer


Over the last 6 years, in response to growing persecution, I have started praying significantly. My prayer particularly started after the Ritika Dutta cases. Until then, I pretty much never prayed. As a result of her cases I was imprisoned for 3 years. My spirit has rapidly accelerated towards infinity from the cases, when the enemies thought it would collapse. I estimate that the amount of prayer I have done has been at around 7,000+ hours. My story is similar to Prophet Job. Prophet Job overcame Satan by praying. Also, the enemies have shown thousands of times fear of me being religious. Particularly these were government agents trying to discourage me from being religious. They claimed that Allah was not capable of cursing other things when the Quran states dozens of times that Allah is capable of “all things”. I should note, the Quran states the value of going to Paradise is above Earth weight gold, which equates to about 3e29 dollars. Roughly quadrillion times the size of the Global economy. So far I have accomplished the following things through prayer:

  1. Developed $700B+ in intellectual property.
  2. Released the coronavirus causing around $100 trillion actuarial damage and 5 billion man years damage on the public.
  3. I believe the coronavirus shows I have cursed high level Satanists(particularly Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg) over 5 billion man years. Assuming a linear value of $10B per man year, that comes out to 50 million trillion dollars(5e19). Roughly 500 million times the money Bill Gates has. Assuming damage is concentrated on Bill Gates with a capital yield of 2.3% a year, the damage comes to over $1e50,000,000(That is over 50 million digits in dollars).
  4. Torture medication no longer has negative side effects.
  5. I believe I have aged each Satanist at least 20 years(bringing Judgement Day closer) which equates to a total income loss at well in excess of 2 quadrillion dollars.
  6. Lost all my fear of torture, humiliation, imprisonment and more.
  7. Increased my IQ by at least 35 points.
  8. My spirit value went up at least quadrillion fold.

This means that I accomplish the following from each hour of prayer:

  1. Develop $100M+ in intellectual property
  2. Cause $13 billion+ actuarial damage on the public and 700,000+ man years of damage on the public.
  3. Cause at least $7 quadrillion dollars of cursing to high level Satanists or about 700,000+ man years of damage on high-level Satanists.
  4. I believe each hour of prayer brings Judgement Day closer by about a day which equates to a linear amount of aging Satanists by around $300B.
  5. Increase IQ at least .005 points.
  6. Spirit value goes up .at least .5%.
  7. I continuously feel stronger, more protected and experience more magic.

All the proof is that praying is rewarding me at an accelerating pace. Which means we should be seeing things far larger than coronavirus in the coming months. Right now my prayer credits are going up about 20+ hours per day(chanting counts as 10 prayer hours per hour of chanting). This means around May-July I should hit the magical 10,000 hours prayer credits. I should note the Rothschild’s are Satan’s family and they have about $300 trillion along with making over $15 trillion a year. My family is Allah’s family and the Quran states Allah is infinitely more powerful than Satan.

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