The “real” net worth of people


People are too obsessed with the Worldly life. The Bible and Quran state that the afterlife is infinite of our worldly life. They state that a vast majority of people will go to eternal torment and suffering in Hell. A small minority of people will go to eternal bliss and happiness in Heaven. The most common notion in accounting for net worth is “assets minus liabilities”. According to scripture it is predetermined before the creation of the Universe whether we go to Hell or Heaven. The biggest asset is being predestined for Heaven. The biggest liability is being predestined for Hell. The Quran describes the value of liability for Hell being in excess of earth weight of gold per person. In other words the liability of Hell is worth above 10^29 dollars. Muhammad described that the area of a bow in Paradise as being worth above the whole World. Using mass energy equivalence the value of the World is at least 10^32 dollars. Muhammad further describes that the minimum reward in Heaven being minimum 72 virgins, 82,000 servants and mansions many square kilometers big. From this we can ascertain the value of paradise for each person is at above 10^38 dollars.

“This worldly life is nothing but an amusement and play, and the Last Abode is the real life indeed. Only if they know!”


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