They keep getting dumber by the second…


They share these stupid things on my Facebook trying to take small jabs at mocking me. I just repost and CRUSH their arguments. The Satanists are getting really desperate. Anyways, they are soon starting to realize that nothing can stop me.

On another note so far this is what the Rothschild has offered me: Unlimited money, unlimited sex(any celebrity, any age, virgin/non-virgin, Phoebe Gates(when she was 14), Jennifer Gates(when she was 16), Unlimited drugs, Unlimited alcohol, Legal immunity from anything. Anyways, I’m not worshiping the Devil for anything. Then when I reject such offers they call me fool, monkey, dog, ape, rapist and many other crude things. They also offer threats of torture, CRUCIFIXION, humiliation, imprisonment and stealing if I refuse.

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