Twitter bid will fail. Markets will collapse.


Markets are responding to signs of weakness. Professional money is looking to the downside. The Twitter news at market open on April 14th about Elon Musk’s bid was sold into heavily. Markets went straight down for the rest of the day. Oil is rising on thinning out volumes. Nasdaq had a big down day on slightly heavier volumes. I am suggesting to add to shorts on oil, nasdaq, s&p and dow futures again. I should note Elon Musk Twitter bid was a publicity stunt. He used $54.20 per share because Hitler’s birthday is April 20th and power level 5. He was showing support for Hitler. 1 in 2500 chance the numbers would have Hitler’s birthday and power level. I suggest people to short Twitter for $20. Musk had zero intention of taking Twitter private and 100% knew that his bid would be rejected. However, because he showed support for Hitler in the numbers, I will make him another $500 billion this year. That is what you call business. I should note I have so far prayed about 3,500 hours and caused well over $40 trillion in damage along with killing over 40 million people. My powers are rising at an accelerating pace. At minimum I do over $11 billion damage per hour of praying along with killing over 11,000 people. By the way this damage is just to the public. To the wicked I cause at least 20 times more damage.

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