1612 days since San Mateo arrest…


When the police arrested me on September 14 2018, I knew immediately that it would backfire on the Satanists. The Satanists were hiding behind their tiny pawns Ritika Dutta, Shamik Mascharak, Srijita Sarkar, Amelia Diedrich, Aaron French and many others. The Satanists had hundred million times the power of each of their little pawns. They were too scared to confront me with their real identities. Anyways, I was humiliated and tortured significantly by the CIA during my imprisonment. The Rothschilds instructed the authorities to hold me as long as possible without a trial. Anyways the purposes of the cases were to crash my spirit. It totally backfired. I now pray 7,000 times more than before the case. The reason Allah inflicted the suffering on me was to get me to pray more. My spirit rapidly accelerated to infinity.

Anyways, I responded with the hurricanes, shootings, curses and virus surges. In total I have done the following damage in response to the San Mateo case:

  1. $50+ trillion damage on the public through the virus.
  2. $2+ quadrillion damage on the Satanists through aging and cursing.

The stupid thing was using Ritika for the case. I was released from Juvenile Hall on Ritika’s 10th birthday. Involving Ritika allowed me to get to my goals much sooner(10 years). All of the evidence points that Bill Gates was pushing the case. He did this because he was scared aliens would enforce my rule if I don’t give up my religious views. So instead I strengthened my religious views. Bill Gates is misleading 99% of people to Hellfire. I was inviting Ritika(who by the way has top billionth Christ blood) to Paradise. One thing I wanted to note, I did about 5 billion man years damage on the public. Even more damage will be done on the Satanic bloodlines. The average high-level Satanist values a man year at above 1e10. So that means 5e19 damage will be done on the Satanists at minimum.

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