How to pray properly


I pray about 21 hours a week. I spread it over the week at 3 hours a day.. My primary method of praying is by chanting. Chanting is vastly stronger than standard praying. I do activities like walking or weight lifting when chanting. I use a video feed of Meccah to increase prayer strength dramatically. My primary prayers are “Bind Satan, Reverse Satan” and “Bind Satan, Fight Satan”. I make prayers with the intent of exalting Allah. I don’t pray for anything personal. This is the problem with a huge portion of people that pray. They pray for winning the lottery. That isn’t the proper way of praying and is Satanic. I used to be addicted to weed, cigarettes, marijuana and soda. I have lost all these addictions since starting praying. Furthermore, I have gained trillions in intellectual property from praying. Praying has also reduced my body fat, increased muscle size, increased intelligence, made me more wise and made me happier. I consider praying to be the highlight of the day. Furthermore, I believe I am rapidly aging and cursing my enemies through praying. I also believe I am speeding up Judgement Day.

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