Accelerating geometric growth of spirit


In 2012 I caused 100 billion damage.

In 2017 I caused 300 billion damage. 3 times more in 5 years.

In 2020 I caused 30 trillion damage. 100 times more in 3 years.

The next progression is above 90 quadrillion damage before 2023. Bare in mind I am supposed to condemn over 50 billion people to Hell at Judgement Day. It is clear we are approaching a singularity. The time between waves is getting shorter and the growth larger for each progression. You can imagine singularity as a limit approaching infinity. Think of approaching x=0 from the right side in the function 1/x. This is how black holes are in gravitational force. This is how Ray Kurzweil of Google believes pace of technological progression is.

Since 2011 the Rothschilds have done millions of things to hinder my spirit but it has all backfired. They have cheated, harassed, mocked, insulted, tortured and imprisoned me. They have hired thousands of people to cast black magic and voodoo dolls on me. But everything 100% has backfired. I keep getting stronger at an accelerating pace.

On my 18th birthday a friend of mine Krishna Rajaram died in a murder suicide of 6 people. His name in English means god kingdom. The Bible says I establish the Kingdom of God. I believe Bill Gates will murder suicide his family when the aliens arrive. Krishna Rajaram was the first person I knew from school to meet at UCLA.

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