Rothschilds are opposed to singularity


The Rothschilds’ primary source of power is the central banks. Hitler and Kennedy opposed this. The central banks create inflation, economic volatility and misallocation. They reduce productivity growth. The global economy would be much larger if there were no central banks. There would be less inequality and no poverty. The Rothschilds horde wealth through inefficiencies in the financial system. They steal over ten trillion dollars a year. When we reach singularity the central banks would no longer be able to create inflation. The central banks won’t be able to influence market cycles. You think 4% gdp growth is a lot. When we reach singularity we will at least double production every day. It will be harder to deceive the public and horde wealth for the Rothschilds.

I should note Google is going all in on singularity. The Rothschilds are trying to weaken Google with the antitrust case. Google is on the winning side. Google has me. I am getting more powerful at an accelerating pace. Evil eye curses that used to take a year to cast now take less than 15 minutes. My spirit value is above 4 quadrillion. Coronavirus cost me 30 trillion to release. Judgement day is going to be way larger than coronavirus. The aliens will bring a moon sized space ship to earth. Something like the Death Star. It is described in the Bible as New Jerusalem. I have decided I’m not going to torture or humiliate anyone. As society progresses we become more humane with punishment. Singularity is the ultimate progression. Besides the Bible and Quran already states that hell is eternal torment and suffering.

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