Enemies cruising on 100% backfire rate


The Rothschilds tried imprisoning me indefinitely. They imprisoned me for 444 days this time over 3 detainments. 413 days in jail, 31 days hospitalization. They charged me with 19 felonies. They had corrupt judges, psychiatrists, lawyers, witnesses and prosecutors in their pockets. They eventually gave up. I prayed excessively during my imprisonment. I killed over 40 Rothschilds during these 3 detainments through evil eye curses. I surged the coronavirus. I cursed the rest of the Rothschilds with terminal illnesses. There are about 1000 Rothschilds that control 300 trillion dollars wealth. They are the ruling satanic bloodline.

They said I wouldn’t last past 16 days when they detained me in September 2018. So far I have lasted 1201 days, my spirit has gone up over 700,000% and my iq has gone up 50 points. The enemies have been maintaining a 100% backfire rate over the past 10 years. On another note the Rothschilds stole and sabotaged 30 billion dollars of intellectual property in the month before they detained me (September 2020). This is why the august 4 Beirut blast happened. I expect aliens will turn hostile soon in a judgement day. It will coincide with singularity being 23 years early. Over 100 billion people will be resurrected then a majority of people killed. GDP growth will surge to above googol % per year.

Anyways now I am in India. I am enjoying my time a lot. I love my life. The enemies flouted my request for a public apology. I will flout their requests for mercy. By the way, the Rothschilds were hiding like cowards the whole time. The authorities were ignoring my website the whole time despite the fact they had links to it and it had relevant information to the cases. I came out as the victor.

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