Another corona surge lurking


Recently in the last week the 7 day average corona virus cases in United States rose 26%. This indicates there will be another surge by August. I have continued to warn that I will keep surging the virus until I get a public apology. I wanted to make it clear in the first 28 years of my life I caused $400 billion damage to the public. Since I was forced to plead guilty to a case in Menlo Park on February 27 2020, I have been doing $400 billion damage onto the public a week. The case had absolutely no merit, it violated my constitutional rights to free speech, bail, humane treatment and fair trial. The lawyers, judges, prosecutors, sheriffs, police, witnesses and psychiatrists were all corrupt. Now I am ready to make the move higher to $400 trillion+ damage a week onto the public. The Satanists are still flouting my demands for a public apology. They are surging black magic to all time highs.

I wanted to note I have never been given an apology for what was done to me. I have been asked to apologize for doing the right thing. I believe I will be rewarded by Allah tremendously for my persecution. I believe my enemies will be punished tremendously for their bad behavior. Not just to me but other people too. I am thankful for the people who have come to help me. Recently the Satanists sabotaged the AAII sentiment data. The data was worth $25 billion to me. This was a clear cut act of war.

Let me show a chart of Nasdaq ETF. Look at how the 4 hour volume is lowest since March 29th close. Retailers are buying and professional money is selling. We will move down in a climax fashion over the next several weeks.

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