Bilderberg 68


I wanted to highlight my case. I caused about hundred thousand dollars damage onto my victims. The Rothschilds caused well over 200 billion dollars damage to me. The Rothschilds pressured the victims, psychiatrists, police, judges and prosecutors to play hardball on frivolous charges. I was imprisoned for 3 years, tortured thousands of times, discredited and lost many rights. In protest to this persecution, Allah caused over 40 trillion dollars damage onto the public and over 700 trillion damage onto the wicked by aging them an extra decade. I am going to have to say that if anyone harms or steals from me, I will request they pay back thousand times more as a matter of respect. Look, Judgement day is very soon. I would advise people pray, repent and read scripture. The Bible and Quran say no sin is too big to repent for. The wicked are too arrogant to repent. I should say it seems they are getting more wicked at an accelerating pace. They are at least 100,000 times more wicked than 2012 and show absolutely zero remorse. In 2012, the Rothschilds were holding me for 4 days at a time after Allah caused less than 10 billion damage in protest. From 2020, the Rothschilds were holding me for over 400 days at a time after Allah caused more than 10 trillion damage in protest.

The satanists keep accelerating black magic to new record highs. I keep ramping up prayer strength to record highs. They are losing at an accelerating pace. Showdown with Allah when Allah is infinite of satan. Everyday my dad fluctuates between saying bill gates is innocent and guilty. He has done this hundreds of times over the last ten years. Many times my mother says the satanists are not culpable and then culpable. This is a result of the tug of war between my white magic and satanic black magic. I think the satanists are more culpable cause they are hiding. I wanted to highlight they started the hostilities against me. They started stealing all my money and work, imprisoning me, torturing me, casting black magic and voodoo dolls along with turning people against me. I was perfectly nice to them at the start. Now the satanists are playing victim because of my justified response to their aggression. I get pissed off when people say I should leave the satanists alone. I have not tortured them, surveilled them, imprisoned them, stole from them, casted black magic on them, used voodoo dolls on them or turned their family against them. Satan is the accuser and loves playing victim to diffuse blame. We see this in things such as 911 and world wars. Jews are the perpetrators of these events but get support from them due to propaganda and misinformation.

I wanted to highlight the relation of my situation to prophet job in the Bible and Quran. Steve jobs died on my 21 birthday when I turned 7670 days old and 4 days after the devil contacted me. The San Mateo and Santa Clara cases were 767 days apart. Apple employees are most concentrated in those 2 counties. Steve Jobs founded apple and jobs is plural for job. By the time the devil contacted me I already had a public track record of 100 trades over 15 standard deviations above the mean. The chances of this is less than 1 in quadrillion quadrillion. In scripture, prophet job had his vast fortune, health and relations taken away from him by satan for over a decade. Satan accused job of being a sinner and that his prayer was not helping him. Satan believed he would take away the faith and patience of job. Job eventually overcame satan through prayer and ended up in a much better situation. Satan so far has done the same to me. Anyways everything is backfiring on the enemies. My enemies think they will win because they believe in gambler’s fallacy. But i believe in the law of large numbers. The law of large numbers is appropriate statistical thinking. Everyday that progresses the statistics keeps moving more in my favor. I noted back in 2015 the satanists would maintain a 100% backfire rate forever based on statistics and scripture. Seven years later it has still held despite the satanists getting more venturesome, desperate and wicked.

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