Cute movie scenes


I wanted to note the person who headed the San Mateo and Santa Clara case was Ritika Dutta birthday October 22nd. The main judge was Jeff finigan. The main FBI agent was Jeff cugno. My attorney Charles Smith has birthday October 22nd. My attorney backstabbed me by the way, he was working for the Satanists the whole time. The Devil name is Charles Rothschild. The Anti-Christ name is William Gates. There is a movie Independence Day that came out 67 days after Jenn Gates birth. The main opponent of the aliens in that movie is William Smith, William Pullman and Jeff Goldblum. Jeff Goldblum birthday is October 22. William Smith is 10 days 22 years older than me. William smith birthday is September 25. Kjetil solberg birthday is September 25 and he was initially sent by William gates to steal and sabotage my work. The sequel to the movie came out on June 24, 2016. That day I completed production of one of my main trading models that was stolen and sabotaged by William gates 3 months later. The chances of similarity of these elements is less than 1 in a trillion. I believe soon aliens will resurrect all people that ever lived. The righteous will be teleported to spaceships. The wicked will be left on the planet. The aliens will lay siege on the planet sending the wicked to eternal punishment in Hellfire. This event is talked about in the Bible and Quran as the day of resurrection, judgement day, battle of armageddon, apocalypse and rapture. The righteous will be rewarded with eternal bliss. An abode googol times better than any billionaire. The wicked will be punished with eternal torment and suffering, googol times worse than crucifixion.

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