Bill Gates kids will die soon


Recently on February 28, 2022 Satya Nadella’s son died at the age of 26. I can extrapolate from my 2 models what my spirit will be on later dates. I should note as my spirit gets higher my abilities in white magic and evil eye curses go up too. Two dates of importance is Jennifer Gates’s 26th birthday on April 26th and Rory Gates’s 23rd birthday on May 23. Jenn Gates’s birthday is 57 days after February 28. Rory Gates’s birthday is 84 days after February 28th. With 4% growth per hour and 11 hours of prayer a day that extrapolates to my spirit being 10 orders higher on Jenn Gates’s birthday and 15 orders higher on Rory Gates’s birthday. To give an example 10 orders is like counting the amount of seconds in 320 years or the amount of millimeters in distance from America to India. 15 orders is like counting the amount of seconds in 32,000,000 years or the amount of millimeters in distance from Earth to Uranus. My two prayer models agree until just before my dad’s 67th birthday on June 12th. Around that time something will happen to me and my spirit will have much faster runaway growth to infinity around Elon Musk’s 51st birthday on June 28. I should note the Russia invasion was on Steve Job’s 67th birthday. Steve Jobs died on my 21st birthday on October 5, 2011.

Basically, I have no doubt Bill Gates is involved. Back in Summer 2012 many odd things were happening. Rothschild called me on the phone within 24 hours of Facebook IPO and Zuckerberg officially becoming a billionaire. That was the only time I talked to Rothschild over the phone. That day the police came to our house and said a neighbor were complaining about me. They deemed me mentally ill and put me into the mental health system. Over the Summer the Bilderberg Group was mocking, threatening and intimidating my family over Facebook, newspapers and TV. I’ll give an example, they were comparing my family to monkeys, dogs, apes, skunks, shit, urine, fools, making fun of our skin color, making fun of our height and many other things. They removed those memories from my family with black magic. But couldn’t remove it from my memory cause I have a very strong spirit. When I rejected Jenn Gates. They mandated I take medication that raises my weight 10 pounds a month or I would be imprisoned forever. Then they were running on the news stories that medication can be radioactively doped to cause brain cancer. They did some intimidating things like tire slashing. Events climaxed on September 3, 2012 when I was tortured, humiliated and mocked with a catheter, urinal and restraints.

All while they were doing this treatment, they were forcing me to give all my money and research to them. They stole over $100 billion from me in total. The treatment made me have double the body fat at least 5 times. It made me have gluttony, pain, lethargy and flatulence. It was very humiliating and made me look ugly. The treatment discredited me and took away my rights. It involved dozens of corrupt doctors taking bribes and fabricating crude statements about me. I wanted to note the Mahdi and Paul Allen made contact with me in 2011 and were warning me about this situation. Paul Allen kept warning me to not deal with Bill Gates. The Mahdi echoed similar thoughts and warned particularly about the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Bilderbergers. There are some critical events that imply Bill Gates’s involvement. Those events are the Seattle Shooting May 30 2012, John Nash death, Norway massacre July 22 2011, Canada shooting August 10 2018, Seattle plane jacking August 10 2018, Sandy Hook shooting December 14 2012, Hurricane Sandy location October 28 2012, Santa Barbara massacre May 23 2014, UCLA shooting June 1 2016, Pulse shooting June 12 2016, Kretella fund management September 12 2016, FBI visit January 13 2016, San Mateo arrest September 14 2018. With appropriate statistical calculations it proves beyond quadrillion to one chances that Bill Gates is involved.

I wanted to take an example. On Phoebe Gates’s 14th birthday they offered me $30 million to trade. The start date, end date, and performance are Bill Gates’s family member birthdays. The chance of that is less than 1 in 500,000. In reality it was a demo account cause there was no slippage on massive orders, co-trader, bizarre commissions and opposite swaps. They had a co-trader find out my method, steal it and then sabotage it by reversing the data. They stole $700M in work from this venture. I was using the method for 12 weeks and got a 70% daily success rate. After I told the co-trader my method the next 6 weeks was a 30% daily success rate. The Pulse Shooting which happened on my dad’s 61st birthday and end of Bilderberg Group meeting had $700M actuarial damage. The shooting had Phoebe Gates’s date of birth in the address. Basically whenever the Illuminati steals my work, that amount of actuarial damage is done onto the general public and 1000 times more actuarial damage is done on the Illuminati. The Satanists make $20 trillion a year and I have aged them at least an extra 8 years from stealing my work. In total, the Illuminati has stolen my life savings a dozen times. I wanted to note the UCLA shooting on June 1 2016 was targeted against a Professor William(long form of Bill). The shooter went to the same schools as me, Jenn Gates and my dad. He noted that the professor was sick minded and stole his work. Furthermore the shooter was of Bengali heritage like me.

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