Santa Clara hearing on March 16th


The fact of the matter is that dropping the charges in Santa Clara isn’t enough. They can file charges in other jurisdictions including India, federal, other counties and other countries. They can continue to harass, imprison and cheat me globally. They can imprison me without charges or on false allegations in any jurisdiction they please. They have stolen over $100B from me. They have tortured and imprisoned me 7 times. We need a public apology from the 13 Satanic Bloodlines. We want them to admit that they have evidence that Jesus Christ had a kid 2,000 years ago and the main bloodline leads to me. We want the Satanists to admit Jews are behind the wars and terrorist attacks. We want the Satanists to admit the Holocaust is a myth. We are offering mitigation of the situation if they come forward and apologize for misdeeds.

I believe Allah will reveal me and the Mahdi to the World within 3 months. It will catch the world by surprise. There will be mass chaos and Muslims will fight Jews globally. There will be a military coup in Pakistan and Israel will get nuked. I believe aliens will arrive with a moon sized space ship referred to as New Jerusalem and enforce my rule as King of the World. This was all predicted by Muhammad 1400 years ago. The enemies are drastically running out of time. I should note I represent Allah and my enemies represent Satan. I can give rewards and punishments infinite the Satanists can. The status quo is in my favor. The Rothschilds have over $300 trillion and are hiding behind low level pawns.

I’ll be honest. Personally I want Santa Clara to add charges, add cases, involve federal authorities and file bench warrants. I believe that will hasten up Judgement Day. I believe it will massively backfire on them. Everything the enemy has done over the last 10 years has been backfiring on them at an accelerating pace. The enemies continue to get more weak, dumb, cowardly, wicked and desperate. They are operating on the Gambler’s Fallacy while I am operating on the Law of Large Numbers. They are dead scared of getting attention to my case because then they can’t continue to mistreat me if public eyes are watching. Ever since the San Mateo case my spirit has gone up 100 quadrillion fold when the enemies expected it would crash.

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