Cowards cruising at 100% backfire rate…


Everything the Satanists throw at me instantly backfires. The fact of the matter they thought at the time it would work. That is why they did each and every single one of millions of these actions. Anyways, Bill Gates is offering me unlimited money and sex. This includes above 100 trillion dollars and sex with any celebrity(any age too). He keeps highlighting Zuckerberg’s 7 year old daughter, Tom Cruises’ 16 year old daughter and David Beckham’s 11 year old daughter. I am rejecting. Personally I would rather enjoy brutalizing and humiliating his family than accepting favors. The recent Nobel Laureate Ales was sentenced to prison in Belarus. He is 10/28 older than me, Paul Allen died when I was 10/28 old and Bill Gates birthday is 10/28. Anyways loving life. I am maintaining that aliens will turn hostile by October 5 2024 and enforce Christ blood as rulers. Before that there will be a period where Muslims will hunt down Jews globally.

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