Winning war of attrition


Basically, I am kicking Satanist ass. They have not damaged me at all. I am getting stronger at an accelerating pace. My estimates are so far I have done about 5e3 hours of prayer and the virus has caused 5e9 man years of damage. The damage will be multiplied onto high level Satanists. The man year of a high level Satanist is worth about 1e10. So that means I have done 5e19 dollars worth of damage at least onto the Satanists(this will be done to them at Judgement Day). I call these “damage credits”, because they refer to future suffering the wicked will go through. I should note that the Quran says not an atom of injustice will be done. It factors in to about at minimum 1e16 dollars of damage onto the Satanists per hour of prayer.

I should note the Quran values Paradise and Hellfire as assets and liabilities worth above the Earth weight gold. Roughly 1e29 dollars at current market values. Basically, this is a war of attrition the Satanists can’t win. Hitler would be so proud of me. Every hour I am doing tons of damage onto the Satanists and they hide like fucking cowards. Anyways, my prayer strength is going up at a rapidly accelerating pace. Over the last 6 months it has gone up 7,000%+. Over the next 6 months the improvement will be vastly more.

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