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Okay I am facing massive filtering on many different avenues. There is much anxiety. I wanted to show an email I wrote regarding the San Mateo Case and other elements.

Hey there, 

I first wanted to ask you some questions. You know the “truth” about World War I? World War II? 9/11/2001? 3/11/2011? Holocaust? You may read more about my subject on

Couldn’t find your email on your site so I got these emails from another source. So anyways, the case against me was absolutely politically motivated to shut me. It primarily involves 3 “powerful” characters. Gates, Zuckerberg, Rothschild. Gates and Zuckerberg are the 2 main anti-Christs. Rothschild is the Devil. Now based on scripture, the Devil is the primary proponent of Satan. The anti-Christs are the sons of Satan. I am Christ by the way, the Son of God. Now the government has known I’m Christ ever since a case when I was 12/13 where I was arrested for 10 felonies including a capital crime. They have confirmed this primarily by reading radiation around me due to the device the aliens put in my brain. Aliens have abducted me thousands of times by the way and taken me to space. Anyways, so “evil” elements are trying to shut me up so they set up Ritika, Srijita and Shamik to file the case. The government was trying to hold me indefinitely to make me give up my views and squash my God spirit. What I decided in response was called the Kobe hit and coronavirus. By the way, my God spirit rocketed 10,000%+ since then… Anyways, the operation against me has involved $50B+ and 10,000+people along with tons of torture, humiliation, imprisonment, cheating and fabrications. I have not been allowed to see evidence for or against me. 

2,000 years ago Christ(first coming) secretly had a kid in India. Now over 100M+ people in India are descendants with about 1,000 having special abilities. This is why the Nazis sent expeditions to India to find the main bloodline. Because aliens will enforce the rule of the Christ bloodline forever. Everyone is being held by duress. Now, this story would be very offensive to Christians and Muslims(especially Muslims). Scripture states I reach prophethood “around 30”. This is a date known as “Judgement Day”. On this day, aliens turn hostile against global governments for serving Satan. The reference to Angels and Army of Heavens is a reference to aliens. A vast majority of humans will die that day and be sent to Hell-fire for eternal torment and suffering. Those that survive will be in Paradise for eternal bliss. Look I’ll be honest, I have no regard for any “laws”. Right now the laws in the world are of Satan. Scripture says that God is infinitely more powerful than Satan. Now at Judgement Day I have the ability of giving ANY reward or punishment I want to to others. I can resurrect anyone I want to from the past(by the way the Universe is a simulation in the computer). I will have access to all human information ever including actions, thoughts and perceptions. This will be for all 100B+ humans born since aliens were involved in genetic intervention 200,000 years ago.

So anyways, I hold very little resentment against Ritika, Shamik and Srijita along with their related parties. We have mutual contacts that I have known for a very long time. I need to know more about what is going on. I am requesting written statements from all people involved in the case against me to mitigate circumstances of what happens down the road. I prefer seeing whatever evidence you guys have related to the case sent to me. Given you feel that you “can” share them with me. Anyways, things are very complex now. There are police and military patrols in my neighborhood by helicopters. All of the houses within a block are owned/rented by the Satanists. This is an operation much bigger than the 9/11/2001 operation. They’ve threatened torture, CRUCIFIXION, amputation, impoverishment, imprisonment for me, fabrications and many people involved in this operation. They also offer many bribes through “special favors” to those who cooperate well. Anyways, they can’t do much to me and my family along with the fact that whatever they do backfires and makes me stronger. This has been the case for over a decade…  I suggest you read through my website and the talks of Christ(first). Muhammad, Bible, Quran and Hadiths. Look I don’t like disliking people or having vendettas. I do not plan on taking any personal vendetta and will treat everyone equally. But rules are rules. Scripture states that transgressions will be punished and good activity will be rewarded. 

I’ve sent some very crude emails to a lot of parties involved. I may not go through with it. It’s just to provoke a response and put some anxiety into parties. The people at the top of this operation are very arrogant, selfing and have absolutely no regard for humanity and their “slaves”. I hope dearly that you, your family and associated parties are well. Look my enemies and allies can change quickly. Even among the Satanic bloodlines they are questioning who they can trust and not to trust within their posse. I have my loyalties to my family and the righteous. I will take any torture, imprisonment, duress, stealing to get to my goals of securing an amazing planet, happiness, justice, freedom forever and serve God along with the Universe. I have no fear, I’m completely free. I don’t think much about the current or past but mainly in terms of eternity. Eternity is in infinite scope to the current or past. Scripture states that those farthest from God will have the worst destiny while those closest to God will have the best destiny. It also states all prophets go to victory no matter how powerful their enemies are. Scripture states all  prophets face persecution and rejection. That is what builds up strength, courage, and narrative for an amazing future for prophets. 

The World is at a major cross-road. The Anti-Christs are the largest deceivers out there. They are very evil and have no regard for humanity. The primary reason for all apparent Muslim terrorist attacks is to setup a WW III against them to bind Satan. Satanists are behind the anti-Islam propaganda, fabrications and framing. Islam is the most anti-Satanic religion. Muhammad said 1,400 years ago the Quran is Satan’s number one enemy. Many powerful figures in the Muslim world regard the USA as “Great Satan”. The detonation of the final WTC tower by the USA government at 10:28 AM was because Bill Gates’s date of birth is October 28. But it’s much more than that. Terrorist attacks in India, Australia, Japan, UK, France and more are set up  by the Satanists to further their evil agenda. The thing is no scripture states that Satan is more powerful than God(completely the opposite it states) or that Satan can beat God. Look, the Satanists have stolen 99.9999%+ of my life’s monetary work from me and done many crude things. They right now have “control” over authority in the major powers. But that will come to a close soon. I sincerely hope that you and your parties chose what you feel is appropriate. One thing to note, scripture also states that Satan will deceive everyone except a “few chosen servants” of God. 

Anyways, wish all the best.


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