Ranking of 7 companies for Christ


I see 7 major companies that are at play… Google, Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft. The #1 at Judgement Day will be given a massive massive outlier status(vastly more than everyone else). Anyways, will update this occasionally… I’m going to have to say thanks to Elon Musk for breaking off ties with Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. I thank Elon Musk for telling the World that the pyramids were made by aliens. And that the Universe is a simulation in a computer. And that artificial intelligence will be far more advanced than humans. Elon Musk is one great man. Thank to sympathizers inside Google(I won’t identify them cause their families are at risk of being targeted by wicked people). Now basically I gave Gates and Zuckerberg an opportunity to publicly apologize by Google 22nd anniversary. They straight up flouted that today with a massive black magic attack.. My mom wanted me stop talking with my dad’s side of the family because they had a instant death of a wife at the age of 32(she wanted to emotionally hurt them). I offered her $50K so I can still talk to them. She warmed a coffee and threw it on me at 180 F. I was shirtless at the time, it didn’t hurt(I have massive pain tolerance/resistance now due to massive spirit strength). She then started beating me up and scratching me. I also broke one of my main toe nails when running away from her. The break was at the same spot as my first memory(breaking it in pre-school when running, back then it hurt a lot and now it didn’t). Anyways I took a bath to take off the stickiness from the coffee. Anyways, I’ve decided I’ll burn Gates and Zuckerberg family skins at 180 trillion+ F due to proportionality of my power.

Companies(By Ranking):

1. Google

2. Tesla

3. Apple

4. Amazon

5. Walmart

6. Facebook

7. Microsoft

I was backing up my Facebook files and there were 7 Trojans in them… Luckily i have the best Mac anti-Virus on the market… The most common number in the 7 trojans is 815. 815=August 15th. 1in 500 chance…

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