Enemies continue cruise at 100% backfire rate


At Judgement Day, the Satanists will hate and blame each other realizing they were duped by each other led particularly the Devil and Anti-Christ’s. The strongest, most secretive posse in the history of mankind will crumble instantly. Practically all of them will seek to separate themselves from the “other” Satanists in hopes that they can be granted Paradise instead of Hell-Fire for eternal abode. God and I will look beyond such last minute pleas for mercy. If someone leads a wicked evil life for several years yet only repents in the last hour because of a show of force by the righteous, they were truly disbelievers and have no right to eternal abode in Paradise. The only thing the Satanists can do it mitigate the situation is a public apology. The sooner a public apology the better. However, they seem to be continuing with insulting, mocking, black magic, medication torture, stealing and more. They have always proven to quickly lose when such strategies are used but they continue in hopes that they hit the ever elusive “jackpot” against me. As each day passes by, Judgement Day continues to be even more of a certainty along with the defeat of Satanism. God’s promise to mankind of Judgement Day and elimination of Satanism is coming to fruition as I speak.

I have zero reason to show mercy and every reason to show cruelty. Psychiatry is the sickest science ever. There is no clear cut science behind it. Whether it be brain scans and/or blood tests. Someone with “different” views can be labeled mentally ill for political reasons or even by mistake. It is a central tenet in major religions that prophets exists to serve God and humanity, generally through the introduction of new scripture. Just because in the last century we have seen the development of psychiatry doesn’t mean that black magic, prophets, angels, after-life, God and other religious elements don’t exist. Practically all psychiatric drugs have negative side effects such as weight gain and sedation. There is a direct correlation with the more negative the side effect, the more likely the psychiatric drug is “effective”. Obviously, most people are weak-minded and would give up their views if they are given a drug which has negative side effects and/or they are forced into detention in a restrictive environment. This would be in hopes they are switched to a “lighter” drug or have less restrictions on their living. Those on “lighter” drugs would also be in fear of being ramped up to “harder” drugs.

On another note, it appears the Beirut blast damage is more extensive than I thought. The cost in damage to real estate is above $20B. The actuarial cost from deaths and injuries is above $5B. Lost economic production over the next decade due to the blast is above $30B. So we come with a total loss of at least $55B. My spirit is at least 7,000% stronger than Summer 2018. The Beirut blast is indicative that there will be a another detainment by the Satanists soon in September. This will be my 7th detainment overall in my life and 5th detainment by Satanists. 7 is my power level, 5 my day of birth, two of my lucky numbers. The chances of this detainment triggering Judgement Day are vastly higher than the last. It has always been the strategy of the Satanists to opt for detainment when their “lighter” options don’t work. Anyways, whatever my enemies do is bound to backfire, God determined everything they do before they are born and the creation of the Universe. I am curious what “reason” they will use for the detainment and the choice of location. Honestly, no public apology and continued flouting of my demands means I’ll just enjoy teaching “respect” to and humiliating my enemies much more. Particularly Bill Coward Gates and Mark Coward Zuckerberg. The Cowards of Humanity. Families brutalized and humiliated. Morbidly fat-injected obese dwarf bodies nailed naked to crosses displayed eternity. From most respected(Gates) and most crushed(Zuckerberg) to most hated, laughed at, mocked people ever in humanity. Greater the pride, greater the fall.

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