Pawns of the Satanists…


People more powerful than EVERY Satanist and Israeli Jew combined:

Ion Pairelli

Justin Le Blanc

Richard Ryan(FBI Coward Agent)

Ronit Mukerji

Ritika Dutta

Srijita Sarkar

Shamik Mascharak

Amelia Diedrich(Deputy District Coward Attorney)

Brad Wagstaffe(District Coward Attorney)

Melinda Martinez

Michael Sussinian

Jacob Parratt

Jeffrey Cugno(FBI Coward Agent)

Jonathan Bauman(FBI Coward Agent)

Stephen La Berge

Joel Florescu

Peter Wises

Madhu Choudhury

Lynn Le

Richard Ha

Stephen La-Berge

Jeffrey Finigan(Coward Judge)

and many more…

The pawns the Satanists send my way are so fucking pathetic. They think the Rothschilds LOVE them because each of them get up to a few seconds($300K+ per second) of House of Rothschild income. All the pawns sent my way are just cannon fodder that the Rothschilds don’t have the slightest attachment to or care for. The pawns think they have the full protection of the US government and Satanic bloodlines. For one thing, I can and will overpower the US government and Satanic bloodlines very easily when my powers fully mature. The continuation of the operation against me is just the Rothschilds gambling away time, effort, resources to try and fight God and his Prophet. To be honest, there are some mitigating circumstances for the pawns as they may have been coerced and/or under black magic. Serving Satan is a ticket to Hell-fire at Judgement Day for eternal torment and suffering. The Quran states that God won’t even accept the weight of Earth in gold for someone to avoid Hell-fire. To give you an idea at market value that would be over quadrillion times the wealth of the Global economy. Some of the “authorities” think its cool accepting bribes and flaunting power with $2 badges. They love being “above the law”, especially against someone who graduated from UCLA at the age of 17. Anyways, I’m going to focus my hatred from the pawns ONTO the Satanic bloodlines multiplied infinitely. So, by nature of the Satanists even giving a fraction of a second of their income to a pawn, makes that pawn more powerful than the Satanists.

One funny thing, for several years after the 2012 drama, the Satanists were having Ronit try to discourage me. Anyways, in April 2014 it was very obvious. They were getting Ronit to keep putting me down(despite him being over 3 years older). Then when I challenged him and said I would be way beyond Gates and Zuckerberg. He started sending me messages recommending I kill myself. After seeing that Ronit couldn’t discourage me, they brought in an even lower person, Lynn Le, the weakest minded person I have ever known and who they associate Jenn Gates with, to make fun of me by starting chat with me on Facebook 18 days before Jenn Gates turned 18(last time I was arrested up until then was 13 days before Jenn Gates turned 13, 18 and 13 are heavy Satanic numbers). On another note, I evil eyed Lynn Le to the point she had 4 miscarriages and then gave up on having kids. The chances of 4 miscarriages in a row is about 1 in 1,000. She’s right now a 34 year old female with not a single kid. I ask the Satanists to stop harassment, they continue it even more. In return, If they ask for mercy, I will push for cruelty. What pisses me off the most, I have been the most correct in claims out of everyone. My spirit strength and protection has rocketed along with my rejection of Satan and embracing God. I am still at age younger than any Prophet entering Prophethood out of several hundred in Christianity/Islam. The “experts” with $2 badges are given credibility 100% of the time despite being way off all the time.

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