Universal events based on me statistics


Very conservatively Universal events are based on me at bare minimum 10^80 to 1… It’s actually in practice much much higher than that. I should note this number(10^80) is equivalent to the number of estimated atoms in the observable Universe. This is equivalent to winning the lottery jackpot at least 9 times in a row. I should note the initial calculation was a magnitude of 314 and I divided this by 4 for a “safety factor”. Anyways, probably less than 1 in 10,000 people will understand the calculations but I will keep this out there nonetheless. This is clear cut proof the Universe is a simulation in a computer and that there is predestination in everything that takes place. I find it funny how the Satanists thought the Ava Lynn contact would work and that is what backfired the MOST by a far margin. I hate America more than ever. I hate Zionism and Satanism more than ever. I’ve been waiting a long long time to RAVAGE Israel. It will be Kristallnacht times INFINITY. I’ve been waiting a long long time to have the power to torture, kill, imprison and humiliate anyone I want to. I have a little “SAT analogy question” from the old days. “Suffering Servant”:”Love Your Enemies”…. As… “Conquering King”: ????

Since my childhood I have been fantasizing of CRUCIFYING corrupt “authorities”. I now find why Hell-fire is eternal torment and suffering. The wicked just keep getting wickeder and wickeder. The Satanists are ramping up black magic to all-time highs continuously. Anyways, Judgement Day is “soon”. The Satanists did a very shitty job with the San Mateo case. They brought in the concept that I now have to punish Satanists for what they do to others. I also have to punish magnitudes more than what they did to others too. Before the San Mateo case I was offering the Satanists painless deaths and no humiliated bodies if they give a public apology. Since they brought up the case I HAVE to torture and humiliate bodies. The virus surge came in the absolute perfect time. The WHO pandemic declaration date, Jenn Gates engagement and my sister’s 32nd birthday happened on January 29, 2020 was perfect. Along with the March 13 declaration of State of Emergency in USA (13 and 3 reference to my age at first court hearing where I was made a “ward of the state” and length of the first Innocence of Muslims video).

Anyways I want to show an article I wrote about singularity.


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