Photoshopped mugshots, $900T+ damage coronavirus



Missing moles, bizarre hairline
Note forehead darker than surrounding area
Note forehead lighter than surrounding area

It appears the Chicago Police Department is posting photoshopped mugshots… Interesting, notice the bizarre looking hairline and in the later photo lack of skin moles near the hairline. Also another thing to note, in one photo his forehead is lighter skinned than surrounding while in the other photo his forehead is darker skinned than surrounding. They posted different faces onto the images… reminds me of the movie “Face Off”. It’s funny, apparently this guy can con dozens of investors $500K in a week during March 2012. Yet, not buy decent clothes or rent a supercar for a day to have photo ops with. Instead, he boasts s online about being a trillionaire riding motorcycles. It’s a desperate move of trying to look like a con man and make me look crazy. These filthy cowardly Rothschilds are such a fucking joke. They will be laughed at, mocked, hated for eternity. 

On another note, assuming I am wrong and Judgement Day doesn’t happen anytime “soon”, the long-term damage from Coronavirus over the next decade will be at least $900T. This will be due to the fact that investment and development in artificial intelligence and quantum computing has slowed due to the virus(particularly in universities). It will delay “cheap”(less than $10K) human-level+ artificial intelligence by at least 2-3 months. The critical part is when we have machines replace the human workforce and reinvent themselves, we will go into a very rapid runaway growth phase. Experts at Google were expecting we would hit this phase by the end of the decade. The virus has slowed venture capital industry massively along with sending practically all companies into cash saving and cost cutting mode.

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