Justice prevails, evil loses


It seems to be that the most powerful families and nation in the World can’t win a guerrilla warfare against a one man army(me). This comes despite stealing 99.9999% of my money and intellectual property, abusing my trust, abusing my family trust, abusing use of authority, abusing use of corporations, abusing use of sorcery and many other elements. They have thrown $30B+ at this operation to squash my God spirit… It has rocketed 1,000,000%+ and rises at a faster pace the more they throw at me…. This will come out as the ultimate victory for justice ever. I realize more than ever that a majority of people are wicked. I love my relationship with God and cherish it. The United States is the most religious country of developed nations putting “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance which students recite everyday and “In God We Trust” on all currency. I’ll admit, many Americans are good including many government workers. Many of them love their families, desire good for society and humanity, pray and love God. However Satan rules the upper-echelon of the US government, media, corporations, organizations and more in the United States. Not just the US government but all major governments, particularly the West and Israel. Many Muslims refer to the United States as Great Satan and Israel as Little Satan. I will keep this offer open to the Satanists, I would like them to bow down to God, humanity and me. Give a public apology for ALL major wrong doings. In return, I will push for minimum retribution by me, God, angels and other justice-seekers.

I like to compare the operation Satanists setup against me to the Manhattan Project and/or 9/11/2001. The Manhattan Project at its peak involved over 30,000 people and extensive resources for several years. Yet 99% of the people in the Manhattan Project didn’t really have any idea of what they were doing other than rote work that seemed useless to them. Only the top 1% leadership were aware of what was going on and its implication for technological development and humanity. There were no hints at all in media during the Manhattan Project about the production of such powerful weapons. The 9/11/2001 operation involved 7,000+ people on the payroll from the US federal government(4,000 FBI Agents and 3,000 professionals) fabricating evidence that Muslims were behind the attacks in what is considered the “largest investigation ever”. There were obviously people who placed and detonated explosives in the North and South Tower along with WTC 7. There were people who controlled the crafts into the targets. There were many people, civilians and media, setup at vantage points to cover the “plane crashes”. There were people involved in air traffic control and the airlines which apparently had hijacked jets. There were hundreds if not thousands of traders who had prior knowledge of the attacks based on market movements in the weeks before the attacks. Obviously there must have been extensive documentation behind this. But not a single person in this massive operation cracked and “revealed” the truth. I should note though, the Satanist masters threaten their slaves with poverty, torture, death, imprisonment, humiliation and more if they do not obey. They also control their slaves through black magic.

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