Enemies cruising on 100% backfire rate still…


Allah is infinitely more powerful than Satan. Okay so the enemies are surging black magic to all time highs. They are having my parents irritate me on black magic. The intention of the black magic is to crash my spirit. Instead my spirit is rocketing at a faster pace than ever. My prayer is more intense than ever and for longer periods. I wanted to note that Justin Le Blanc, the Devil’s primary agent is doing a bad job at discouraging me. Firstly, I made 6 trading calls to him over the past 3 weeks. One of them ended up going 2% against me the other 5 ended up going 20% in my favor. He ignored my 5 correct calls and focused on my one losing call. This is typical behavior of a fool. They ignore when winners win and focus on losing calls by winners. Then he refuses to give a single trading call under the claim that he is too important to make a trading call. He then accuses me of being a bad trader because I don’t use the “basics” of fundamentals. I wanted to note my studying of trading communities, chat room and forums shows that fundamentals are the most popular method to trade by. However I should note that my studies also show that 90%+ of people are losers. So what is popular doesn’t beat the market. In trading communities the losers are worshiped and the winners are shunned.

One thing I wanted to point out is that every step of the way the Satanists have been under estimating me. When Bill Gates wanted me to sleep with his daughter Phoebe in Summer 2017(she was 14 at the time), he distanced himself from Justin Le Blanc. He was sending conversations of Justin Le Blanc asking for $50M to trade and refusing to show a track record. By the way, I traced Melinda Gates’s black magic on Justin Le Blanc. I should note the Devil has miscalculated every move he has taken against me. At the San Mateo arrest he was confident my spirit would crash afterwards. Instead it rocketed afterwards. Then he was even more confident of crashing my spirit at the Santa Clara and Los Angeles arrests. Instead, my spirit rocketed even more. The enemies are clearly losing at an accelerating pace. But the act all knowing and all powerful cause they use anonymous names, cover identities, low level prosecutors and coward pawns. One of the things I wanted to point out is that everything backfired on the enemies when my spirit was 12 digits in 2012. Now my spirit is 30+ digits, 18+ digits higher than 2012 levels, and everything is still backfiring, but at a faster pace. There is significant evidence that my spirit is going up at an accelerating pace.

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