Cowardly enemies are losing at accelerating pace…


Very soon aliens will fire massive weapons on civilians. Larry Page’s 49th birthday on March 26th is an important transition to power level 7. The 3 months after Larry Page’s 49th birthday will be filled with much chaos. Allah will reveal the Christ and Mahdi. Muslims will hunt down Jews globally and there will be a military coup in Pakistan. Israel will get nuked. I should note Larry Page’s 49th birthday is 26 months after Kobe Bryant death, 26 days after Satya Nadella’s son death(aged 26) and 1 month before Jenn Gates’s 26th birthday. 26 is the most important number for Mayan cycles. Kobe Bryant’s death on January 26, 2020 was another important transition to power level 7. That was when Tesla stock started rocketing. Within 3 months of Kobe Bryant’s death the most economic damage was caused by a natural disaster due to the coronavirus lockdowns. Within 3 months of Kobe Bryant’s death the fastest bear market and fastest bull market ever in 300+ year market history happened. My cycles are showing the best day for Jenn Gates to die is on March 29, 2022. It will be the most significant event since the German invasion of Russia 29,500(Bilderberg birthday) days earlier on June 22, 1941. Germany’s invasion of Russia in 1941 was the largest military invasion ever and the climax of modern warfare.

The enemy keeps getting more wicked, desperate, dumb, weak at an accelerating pace. Bill Gates and Rothschild have sent their agent Justin Le Blanc to send me dozens of discouraging messages with faulty logic. He says things like I am “very weak at trading”, “very weak at math”, “marshmallowy body” and other stuff. Anyways I feel stronger, greater and better than ever. The enemy is accelerating black magic to all time highs to crash my spirit. But my spirit keeps rising at an accelerating pace. Justin Le Blanc always came across as a fool to me. He isn’t willing to show a single month track record while I show an 8 year track record. He isn’t willing to make a single trading call now, while I made 6 trading calls(5 of which came out correct). He ignores when I am correct and focuses on when I am wrong. He ignores when he is wrong and focuses on when he is correct. He is characteristic of a classic fool. He is quoting the Bible and saying things like: “Do you not realize I am Clairvoyant and an Archangel in training protected by The Living God and His Angels which he has Appointed over me?”

My last email to Justin Le Blanc:

“Lets establish these ten points:

1. You are 14 years older than me and don’t have a single month of a public track record. I have an 8 year public track record 8 standard deviations above the mean.

2. You think you are better because you follow popular trading models. It is established that over 90% of traders lose. Therefore, it is highly unlikely to beat the market on popular models.

3. You haven’t given enough time for my S&P and oil calls to pan out. I am targeting below 3800 on the S&P within a month and am targeting $20 on oil within 3 years. By the way, the executable size on these calls is much more massive than your scalping methods.

4. I made over $100 billion trading by the age of 30 and that was stolen from me. You are relying on my unfair treatment and persecution to get ahead. I am not even allowed to have contracts, driving, assets, firearms, interstate travel, property in the eyes of the USA government. 

5. You ignored plenty of other calls that were perfectly fine and focused on bad calls. This is characteristic of fools.

6. You aren’t willing to make trade calls because you aren’t confident in your trading. This is characteristic of fools.

7. You work on methods with a tiny executable size. You have no concept of executable size. You don’t understand that selling up bars and buying down bars massively increases executable size. This is characteristic of fools.

8. You ignore when you are wrong and focus on when you are right. This is characteristic of fools.

9. You have admitted before to working for Gates and Rothschild along with worshiping Satan. 

10. I am good at top math. I scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT Math section 5 years early among college bound seniors. I scored in the 99.9th percentile on the MCAT Physical Sciences section 5 years early among medical school applicants.”

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