Trade Calls performance so far


I just wanted to point out the performance of my 7 trading calls I have given out over the last 2 months on my website. They have very massive executable size. I see a massive panic crash over the next few weeks. Everything will climax down like 9/11, Lehman Brothers, 1987. It will be the best amazing buying opportunity in over a decade. S&P will hit 3,700. I wanted to point out that I have been posting trade calls since the age of 20. On the Dukascopy Trader Contest between the ages of 20 and 28 I posted over 1,000 trade calls and my average performance was in the 90th+ percentile per trade. My overall performance was over 8 standard deviations above the mean. To put into perspective, the odds of getting such a high success rate over so many trades is like winning the lottery jackpot 100+ times in a row. The deviation from the mean on my performance compared to other traders is like scoring perfect on the SAT’s under the age of 10. That is why no one over 10,000 traders in 8+ years came within 3 standard deviations of my performance.

Tesla February 26 2022: 22%

Bitcoin February 26 2022: 8%

Google February 26 2022: 4%

Facebook February 26 2022: 2%

Oil March 2 2022: -3%

S&P January 24 2022: 5%

S&P March 2 2022: -2%

Average Return: 5%+

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