Gates and Zuckerberg are dumb, delusional and unlucky


Let me make this clear, I’m being punished for fabricated things 8 years ago. We still have the Holocaust myth after 75 years for which the White race is made to shown guilt for. The Holocaust is considered in the West to be above God and Prophets with Holocaust Denial Laws in many countries. The Jews start the major wars then put the guilt on their enemies. The Muslims behind 9/11 bullshit is being used against Muslims for 19 years still. The Satanists would love to keep their false narrative forever. The Satanists should be punished for more serious things they actually do. Of course scripture says God will reveal the truth and liars along with giving appropriate reward and punishment at the Day of Judgement. Nothing can stop or prevent Judgement Day it is God’s guarantee that everyone will be judged justly. The Satanists believe they can switch the intended eternal abodes for all humans ever born 100B+. They believe that by having me worship Satan, the wicked will go to heaven and the just will go to Hell. That will not happen by any means, no where close. On another note, I see Gates and Zuckerberg as being in the bottom billionth of the population. I liked them before this operation but hated them as it progressed. They spend all their lives working hard to be the most worshiped but in the end they end up most hated for all eternity. Greater the pride, greater the fall… hehehehe. =D. Nothing can change God’s destiny.

The Satanists will do millions of things in their operation against me, everything flat out backfires and then they say they “always win.” They said before I was detained on September 14, 2018, I wouldn’t last past September. Well so far it is 694 days and counting… 4,237% off so far and rising…. Anyways, I made a post regarding this on November 26, 2019 from my dad’s cell phone when he was visited me in detention. The Los Angeles Sheriffs Department sent the San Bernardino Sheriffs Department on November 30, 2019 to tell supervisors at the facility that I am revealing “case details”. The post was perfectly legal. The “authorities” didn’t contact my attorney, conservator and/or me about the post. That was because they knew what I did was perfectly “legal”, moral and ethical. Corrupt piece of filth authorities. For one thing, my case involved all adults(witnesses, victims, suspect), I didn’t give out any information about any minors or any financial, student and/or health records of anyone involved. I never signed “bail terms” and never had a “bail hearing”(I was still detained for being a “danger to others” despite $100,000 bail posted because the Sheriffs fabricated that I announced that I was planning to kill a billion people at bail hearing that never happened.) preventing social media use and/or internet. On another note the DA was proposing banning computer, internet and social media access/usage due to me complaining about threats and civil rights violations.

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