Statistics, Air India crash


The Satanists thought they could have everything for eternity. Jesus said 2,000 years ago and Muhammad said 1,400 years ago that they will have Hell-fire for eternity. The gates of Paradise will be closed to them. The Satanists are still continuing with a 100% backfire rate. They are banking on the Gambler’s Fallacy, I am banking on the Law of Large Numbers. Statisticians believe in the Law of Large Numbers as a driving force of probability and discount the Gambler’s Fallacy as wishful thinking by desperate people. I find that people are very dumb in statistics. I get the feeling that the vast majority(95%+ of the population) see trading performance as luck and outliers as lottery jackpot winners. That’s far from the case. Assuming trading is purely due to luck, my track record is the equivalent of 110+ lottery jackpots in a row(unleveraged return on 1,000+ trades with 90% percentile on average, 1 in 10^-1000 probability). There are many traders globally with track records with a probability of less than 1 in googol(assuming due to luck). That is the equivalent of 11+ lottery jackpots in a row. Yet, despite 250M lottery players each year for 30 years, no one has managed to win the lottery jackpot more than once. The lottery is pure “luck” but not trading. Anyways, this trashes the efficient market hypothesis. Warren Buffett, George Soros and Medallion Fund straight up flout the EFH. Another thing, I’m being called schizophrenic for not being able to call correctly the exact timing of a once in a 100,000 year event(Judgement Day). In contrast, the psychiatrists are being called rational for not being able to correctly call the reaction(removal of alleged psychosis) to a dozen different medications over 8 years that each work a majority of the time. 

On another note I am related to the flight crash that has gone on in India. The Satanists are continuing to ramp up black magic despite what happened in Beirut. The flight number is 1344. I murdered Bill Gates’s mother Mary Gates on June 10, 1994 when I was 1344 days old. She suffered gravely in her last few months from breast cancer. I evil eye cursed her from the future. On September 3, 2012 Bill Gates ordered my torture, humiliation and imprisonment for refusing to worship him and the Devil. September 3, 2012 is exactly 6660 days after June 10, 1994. Also, 1344 contains the date I murdered Rothschild’s first dog Otto in 2012(April 13th), got arrested in 2009(April 13th), Avishek Dube’s birthday in 1983(April 4th) and Microsoft founding date in 1975(April 4th). The manufacturer serial number for the lane is 36323. In reference to mark of Satan and my area code. The line number for the plane is 2108, the number of days between me and Niv(my only soulmate) and Rothschild’s date of birth. Rothschild has been casting massive black magic on Niv since at least 2010. The flight crash time is 6:14 PM local time, date of birth of Trump(June 14th) who is also an important anti-Christ. Another thing, the number of passengers, 184 is a reference to Ambassador Steven’s date of birth(April 18) and Bill Gates’s power level(4) and another mark of Satan(18). I called in a Saudi Prince to order an  assassination of Ambassador Stevens on September 11, 2012 in response to my maltreatment by the Americans. By the way, the reason the USA never released his autopsy and claimed that he died of smoke inhalation after being “missing” for 5 hours is because he was tortured.

On another note, I am getting more alien abductions than ever. Sometimes upwards of a dozen times a day. 

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