How I would run the United States


Muhummad said 1400 years ago that authority will be in wicked hands. Justice seekers will be persecuted. Evil people will be trusted and worshiped. The leaders of people will be the worst. Honesty will be lost. He was so right. When a police man gives out a speeding ticket, he is actually stealing $1,000’s of dollars for the insurance companies. Traffic flow above speed limits is safer than traffic flow below speed limits. Speed limit enforcement kills. My estimates is that the average person enforcing speed limits is causing millions in economic damage every year. There are about 100,000+ people enforcing speed limits. It is the most common violation of law but the law actually hurts society. The system is corrupt. If someone steals $1,000, they go to jail for a year. If a Rothschild steals $10,000,000,000+, congress, senate, president, governors, district attorneys, police and judges worship them. The big thieves, murderers and miscreants don’t get any punishment but are rather worshiped and control authorities.

This would be how I would run the United States. I would eliminate psychiatry. I would eliminate gun laws, speed limits and drug laws. I would cut police, district attorney, sheriff budgets by 75%. I think the legal system is massively bloated and inefficient. I would slash defense spending in half. I would target that government spending be 20% of the economy. Right now it is about 40% of the economy. I would abolish the Federal Reserve and move onto a system of either gold or bitcoin. I would have a 2% wealth tax and 10% VAT tax. The budget would be balanced. I believe if we do this productivity growth will be at least double current levels. Democracy sucks. Tyranny of the majority. Legislators are corrupt and just care about special interests. There is no way the public sector can compete with the private sector. The private sector has much better productivity growth. The United States is far away from a free market. The free market was never even given a chance.

I wanted to note there are a lot of professions that don’t contribute to productivity. The finance sector is a big example. Investment banks and hedge fund managers average returns on shareholder capital at about 2% above inflation. Tech companies average returns at 9%+ above inflation. Index funds average returns at 6% above inflation. 95%+ of the investment bankers and hedge fund managers produce negative value for their clients. They essentially steal client and investor money. Yet they get paid very handsomely for negative productivity. The average investment banker makes over $300K and average hedge fund manager makes over $1M. Another example is psychiatrists. The average psychiatrist makes over $300K but there is a lot of proof that psychiatry is simply torture medication. The psychiatrists are now taking a war against religion. Psychiatrists contradict scripture on the existence of angels, predestination, black magic, curses and signs from Allah. I believe the highway patrol is completely worthless and it is pitiful how they make $150K+ a year. Each highway patrol officer leads to millions of lost production a year.

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