Satanists cruising on 100% backfire rate


You have to understand the status quo and psychology. The authorities want me to respect them by treating me like trash. The Satanists want me to respect them by treating me like trash. This only works if the people treating like trash are more powerful. The Russians want the Ukrainians to respect them by treating them like trash. When the authorities wanted me to respect them, they could have come with the President and said “Here take $100 trillion from the Federal Reserve.” They could have done this with a click of a button. Instead they put me in handcuffs and took me to jail. When I was in imprisonment I read the Bible and Quran extensively. I realized what the Satanists are scared of. The wicked only have temporal authority and eternal punishment. The righteous have temporal persecution and eternal paradise. I am after the eternal rewards. The fact of the matter is the the Satanists are weaker than me. They admit to this in the fact they have to hide behind coward pawns, anonymous names, low level prosecutors and cover identities. The Satanists act all-knowing and all-powerful but they are truly weak cowards to resort to such tactics.

I am returning the favor by treating the Satanists like trash. The only difference is that I am truly more powerful than the Satanists. The Satanists represent Satan and I represent Allah. Allah is infinitely more powerful than Satan. I am using evil eye curses and white magic to get the Satanists on their knees. I am aging them decades, making many of them die from accidents and terminal illnesses and I am constantly mocking and threatening them. I believe I will eventually get the Satanists to respect me at Judgement Day. They will beg for mercy then and I will just torture and humiliate them. I will then condemn them to eternal torment and suffering in Hellfire. People don’t understand psychology very well. If you are in a good situation at first and then in a bad situation eternally, you end up much worse. But if you are in a bad situation at first and then in a good situation eternally, you end up much better. The Satanists think they have it all because they have money and power. But that is a temporal illusion of supremacy. They are headed towards eternal damnation. This is how Allah rewards the righteous. He tests their faith in a hard situation and then rewards them with eternal paradise.

The brainiacs realize I am winning by a far margin. The major turning point was in early 2020 when it was obvious that my spirit was rocketing to new levels. Around this time Tesla stock started rocketing. Before the Satanists arrested me for the San Mateo case on September 14 2018 they said I wouldn’t last for more than 16 days. So far I have lasted 1275 days and my spirit has gone up 10,000,000,000,000,000,000%+. Before the San Mateo arrest happened I prayed on average less than a few minutes a day. Now I pray over 10 hours a day. My spirit keeps rising at an accelerating pace due to the Law of Accelerating Returns. I am planning to generate energy through praying so that I can give up eating and sleeping within 2 months. When that happens I will pray 15+ hours a day. The San Mateo, Santa Clara and Los Angeles cases were all failures for the Satanists. Furthermore, all of the psychiatric cases they had were a failure. Pushing things even further, all their mocking, stealing, cheating, black magic, insulting and more was a total failure. They thought they can crash my spirit by harassment and then convince me I am a John Nash with black magic. Instead my spirit rocketed over 100 quadrillion fold. To give an idea 100 quadrillion is like counting the amount of seconds in 3.2 billion years.

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