Kicking Rothschild ass


The Rothschilds make about 20 trillion dollars a year. They have all the power money can buy but they are losing to me. They have over 300 trillion dollars and average investment returns at about 6% a year. They hide like cowards behind pawns and anonymous names cause they are dead scared to confront me. Such behavior is them admitting I am stronger than them. I have killed over 200 of them so far. So far I estimate that I have aged them an extra 23 years on average which leads to an actuarial loss of quadrillion dollars. They have aged an extra 8 years from imprisoning me, 8 years from stealing money from me and 7 years from medication torture. Ahmadinejad refers to them as a Zionist clan while the nazis referred to them as international Jewry. Despite the tremendous damage I have inflicted on the wicked, god has always protected my bone and flesh. In war of attrition the enemy’s loss is my gain.

The Rothschilds keep getting wickeder and wickeder including more dumb, more weak and more cowardly. I keep getting stronger and stronger. I am moving at an accelerating pace towards infinity. I keep getting more and more religious and closer to god. My iq has rocketed and I have given up addictions to marijuana, cigarettes and alcohol. I pray and read scripture all day. My skill at markets has vastly improved. I am looking to gain 7 inches of height this year along with gain 40 pounds of muscle and get my body fat down to 7%. I am looking to memorize the Bible, Quran, Hadiths and 100 stem books this year. I plan to invent room temperature superconducting and quantum processing. The Bible says all the leaders and nations of the world will wage war against me and lose.

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