Singularity run


It has been 467 days since the Santa Clara case has been filed and I have already done over 50 trillion dollars damage. This is lost production, health costs and human toll. To put things into perspective 467 days into the San Mateo case I did less than 100 billion damage. I believe we haven’t even seen 1% of the damage from the Santa Clara case. I should note that eventually the damage from the San Mateo case was around 10 trillion dollars. But what I should add is that 99% of the San Mateo damage was after 467 days from the arrest. This extrapolates to over 5 quadrillion dollars of damage from the Santa Clara case. Damage will rapidly accelerate after March if trends persist. According to my calculations my spirit grew a thousand fold during San Mateo case and a billion fold during Santa Clara case so far.

I wanted to show my singularity calculations below. The extrapolation from previous events implies we will hit a singularity by Elon Musk 51 birthday on June 28. Gates turns 66.666 years old then. The big numbers are in scientific notation. Basically the first column is fold growth. The second column is dollars spirit value. The third column is date. The fourth column is cycle days. The fifth column is cumulative days. What this table implies is that initially from October 2012 it takes me 1765 days to triple my spirit. By the end of June 2022 my spirit will rise quadrillion+ fold a day. I should note each cycle has half the time and 5 extra doublings as the previous cycle. I keep a lot of calculations by hand so that people don’t know the exact formula. People with a genius intelligence should be able to figure out my table.

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