Launching of Operation Barbarossa soon…


So basically I see Nazi Germany as the most righteous government ever. They tried to liberate the World from Jewry. They were with the side of God. Ever since I was a kid learning about them I wanted to complete their mission. I wanted to be the next Hitler. Now I realize I’m going to be much more powerful than Hitler. Way beyond that. I’m going to be King of the World forever. Anyways, the Holocaust is an utter myth. There were no mass shootings or homicidal gas chambers. It is sad that people are put in prison in Europe for saying the truth about the Holocaust. Hitler was a freedom fighter. He is the politician that was closest to Christ. Basically, the Soviets were planning to invade Nazi Germany before 1941. Hitler realized this and planned a pre-emptive strike to prevent this from happening. My childhood dream has been nuking Israel. When I was 13. I pled guilty for the first time to felony explosives and threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction. That day the largest solar flare in 50 years hit the planet. Operation Barbarossa, the German planned liberation of Russia, was the largest military attack ever launched on June 22, 1941. It is the climax of modern warfare. To give an idea, Operation Barbarossa is 30 times larger than the invasion of Ukraine by Russia this year.

I expect Jenn Gates will die very soon. The most likely date is March 29, 2022 according to my cycles. It will likely be from a brain disorder such as an aneurysm. This will launch a totally new front of warfare. I should note today the governments, Microsoft, Facebook, Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Bilderbergers are ganging up on me. They see me as a threat to their Satanic order. They hate it how I represent and stand with God. Just as how in the past France, UK, USA and Russia were ganging up on Nazi Germany. The only difference is that I will win now. The enemy is blasting black magic more than ever trying to turn people against me and irritate me. This was a clear cut violation of my line in sands. This was a flouting of my offer for mercy. I am getting more spirit credits than ever. I am praying more intensely than ever. I am closer to Allah than ever. I have better guidance than ever. I keep entering the unknown. The way it looks like things, the wicked will be tortured and humiliated. They show absolutely zero remorse and keep getting more wicked. They keep on spewing on false, hateful shit. They will have 666 pounds of fat injected and be CRUCIFIED naked. Their bodies humiliated for eternity. They will go through eternal torment and suffering.

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